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We've manufactured superior amplifiers and mixers for over 35 years.


Count on Biamp for amplifiers built with superior quality and thoughtful engineering. Our MCA Series of Multi-Channel Amplifiers lets you bridge channels in pairs for combined power. And all our amps, including our MPA 250 Multi-Purpose Amplifier, feature short circuit and thermal protection circuitry. With Biamp, you simply get more. After all, "amp" is part of our name.


Mixers are in our blood — or at least our roots. Even as we've pioneered the world's finest digital audio platforms, we've continued to fine-tune our line of mixers — and build them with legendary Biamp reliability. Our automatic mixers provide smooth, accurate gating of mic-line signals, even in the harshest acoustic environments. The autoTWO 8-Channel Automatic Mixer is affordable, versatile, feature-rich and easy to use. Biamp's specialty mixers evolved from the large-scale mixing consoles we were famous for 20 years ago. Today's designs are ultra streamlined, offering three, six or eight channels. Any way you mix it up — Biamp sound is still out of sight.

Analog Products
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