Tesira HD-1 Dialer

A professional DSP-based audio system is the best way to ensure that the verbal communication in a remote meeting is clear and intelligible and no participants have to strain to hear. Removing the traditional speakerphone in favor of professional microphones and loudspeakers is key to achieving an appropriate level of quality. However, removal of the speakerphone leads to an important question: "how do we dial?" Our customers began requesting a physical, keyed hardware dialer. You asked, we delivered. 

Our Tesira HD-1 Dialer is designed to streamline setups and facilitate conferencing with Tesira products – making conferencing installations easier to commission and install, as well as less complicated for end users to operate. 

With minimal programming, the Dialer enables enterprise-level conferencing capabilities without the need to purchase a third-party control system. The Dialer is compatible with Tesira SERVER and SERVER-IO, as well as both AVB and non-AVB configurations of the TesiraFORTÉ TI and TesiraFORTÉ VI devices. This device combines streamlined industrial design with incredible ease-of-use to seamlessly conduct VoIP or POTS-based calls. Featuring Power over Ethernet (PoE) for extremely simple, single cable installations, the HD-1 includes a traditional 12-button dial pad and 13 additional function buttons, plus four navigation buttons. 

The Tesira HD-1 is covered by Biamp's industry-leading five-year warranty.

  • Speed dialing from up to 100 stored numbers
  • Mute
  • Hold
  • Volume adjustment
  • Multi-line call conferencing
Case Studies
  • Firmware

    • Tesira Firmware v3.0.0.60
      **Please note that there is a known issue in the public release version 3.0.0 of Tesira Firmware.**

      The issue can cause Tesira expanders to occasionally become undiscoverable on the network, which causes a loss of audio to/from those expanders. This issue only affects Tesira systems that include Expanders and are set up in “separate” network mode, meaning that the Control network is completely isolated from the AVB network. It will not affect systems that are in “converged” network mode, which is the default (and more common) configuration.

      If your system meets this criteria or if you have questions regarding this issue, please contact the Biamp Technical Support Team at 1-877-BIAMP-XO for more information.
    • Tesira Firmware One Time Upgrade from v1.0 to v2.1.0