Form And Function Combined In A New Control

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Jun 17, 2009

Form And Function Combined In A New Control

Biamp Systems announces its newest innovation—the Remote Ethernet Device (RED-1), a graphical remote control. RED-1 is an easy-to-use control that can be installed and configured to fit the needs of any application.

The new remote control features an easy-to-read OLED screen and a capacitive touch wheel that gives users the option of adjusting or initiating up to 32 selectable system volumes and actions. Additionally, the control functions are pre-programmed into the Audia® and Nexia® system software, making RED-1 a natural fit for any Biamp installation.

"RED-1 resulted from a strong demand by our customers for a remote control that was attractive, versatile and intuitive," said Matt Czyzewski, VP of Engineering, Biamp Systems. "This product achieves all of those things. We believe RED-1 extends the same conceptual qualities of flexibility and power that our customers have come to expect from AudiaFLEX and Nexia directly to the user interface."

RED-1 connects through standard CAT-5/6/7 cabling and is powered over Ethernet, eliminating the need for custom cabling and local power sources. Additionally, RED-1 surface mounts to any wall, which enables a fast and simple installation.

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