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Loudspeakers for Venues of All Sizes

From conference rooms to stadiums,
Biamp offers loudspeaker solutions for every space and application.

Loudspeakers for Large Venues

Performance Venues and Stadiums

Loudspeakers for Retail

Retail and Hospitality

Loudspeaker for Meeting Rooms

and Conference Rooms

Open office and privacy solution

Open Office and Privacy Needs

MOL Aréna Sóstó by Community

Loudspeakers for Performance Venues, Stadiums, and More

Community loudspeakers from Biamp elevate the listening experience for a variety of medium-to-large sized applications that require reliable performance and high-quality sound.

R SERIES: Full bandwidth, versatile high output music, voice and paging solutions of any size or configuration.

W SERIES: High fidelity, front-loaded systems for medium distances and distributed applications.

I SERIES (WR): High performance, high output modular loudspeaker systems with discreet styling in weather-resistant enclosures.

C SERIES: Cost effective and uniformly voiced traditional ceiling, surface mount, and pendant systems.

D SERIES: High performance, high-fidelity, architecturally-styled ceiling, surface mount and pendant systems.

L SERIES: Large scale, high performance horn-loaded loudspeaker systems with precise pattern shaping for the most challenging venues.

E SERIES: Column-format loudspeaker systems for a diverse range of applications.

V SERIES: Versatile, cost-effective, loudspeaker systems designed for small to medium-sized venues.

I SERIES: High performance, high-output modular loudspeaker systems with exceptional flexibility and discreet styling.

Amplified Loudspeaker Controllers: Consistent, repeatable system performance in any application utilizing a complete factory-approved signal chain, including processing and well-defined Amplifier / Loudspeaker pairings.

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Apart-Bistro Point Restaurant UK
Desono Loudspeakers for Meeting Rooms

Loudspeakers for Multipurpose Rooms and Conference Rooms

Desono loudspeakers from Biamp deliver superior speech and music reproduction in both distributed audio applications and conferencing environments. Designed for easy installation, with mechanically isolated drivers for more natural sound, they’re an ideal choice for a variety of spaces.

The need for sound masking in open office environments

Loudspeakers for Sound Masking

Biamp’s Cambridge loudspeakers are part of the most effective, technologically advanced, and best-selling sound masking systems available. Choose from Qt direct field emitters, or indirect loudspeakers from our DynasoundPro line.


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