About Networked Media Systems

With Biamp Networked Media Systems, remote systems are combined into a single network that shares processing power and resources. Installations are faster, upgrades are easier and jobs are more profitable. The days of multiple, isolated systems and miles of cable are gone. Welcome to the future.

Before and After
  • Diminished DSP resources.
  • Greater cost.
  • Different software for design and control.
  • More training and education.
  • Miles of cable and conduit.

  • A single platform system operating on a single network.
  • Maximized processing resources.
  • Control from one central location.
  • Efficient expansion to new areas and buildings as you grow.
  • Easy to upgrade features and functionality.
  • Simplified design, installation and support.
  • Greater profitability.

The Leaders in Decentralized Processing

Decentralized processing is the heart of Networked Media Systems. With the decentralized processing model, you create multiple independent systems that are tailored to perform in their individual locations. These systems then communicate over the network, sharing processing resources as needed rather than routing all signals through to a central equipment room. The result is a more efficient system with nearly limitless possibilities. By designing Networked Media Systems, you'll also get:


Networked Media Systems leverage the power of the Ethernet network to monitor and control all applications and components. The benefit: simplified system design and installation – saving you both time and money.


The ability of remote systems to share processing resources over the network is a key advantage of Networked Media Systems. You get greater performance with less equipment, with the ability to control all applications from one location.


Due to its ability to link remote systems together, a Networked Media System allows you to design to the unique requirements of a project, or even to one site within a project, without a loss in efficiency or control.


Since signal processing is handled by individual independent systems, a Networked Media System has the ability to expand into new areas and buildings far easier than ever before. All you need is an Ethernet connection and Biamp equipment.


Because Networked Media Systems operate over an Ethernet network, the need for cable, conduit and equipment is reduced. There's less material used and less waste generated, making installations better for the environment.

More Information
Learn more about the various configurations of networked media systems, and determine which is best suited for your needs.

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