Why Audia

Audia is where it all began. A full-featured, highly configurable, digital audio platform, Audia spring-boarded Biamp into the future, by combining powerful hardware and intelligent software with exceptional design and networking potential.

With Audia, Biamp became one of the first manufacturers to use CobraNet®, integrating it into our Audia DSPs and spearheading its use in high profile installations. You can configure and network multiple Audia units with ease. Audia's strength and flexibility make it a perfect choice for a multitude of challenging installations.


From conference rooms to courtrooms, and everything in between, Audia provides the processing power needed to make sure every word is heard. Sona™, our acoustic echo cancellation technology, delivers full and natural sound in conferencing spaces. Sona is available on the AEC-2HD card for AudiaFLEX.

Biamp Systems Audia Networked Digital Audio Platform