Continuing Education Units

InfoComm continuing education units are available for several of our courses.

Since 1939, InfoComm International® has represented the professional audiovisual and information communications industries on a global scale. InfoComm serves its more than 5,000 members bu providing industry standards as the foundation for quality AV systems. As an ANSI Accredited Certification Body, InfoComm offers the Certified Technology Specialist™ (CTS®) program — the only ANSI accredited audiovisual certification under the International Standard ISO/IEC 17024. Visit InfoComm's certification page to learn more.

Biamp's accredited courses

  • Audia for Technicians Online Self-Paced Training: 2 RUs
  • Tesira In-Person 3-day Training: 11.5 RUs
  • TesiraFORTÉ Online Self-Paced Training (all languages): 4 RUs
  • TesiraLUX Online Self-Paced Training: 3 RUs
  • Vocia In-Person 3-day Training: 8 RUs
  • Vocia Online Self-Paced Training: 6 RUs
  • VoIP Online Self-Paced Training: 4 RUs