With its unique combination of scalability, reliability and sound quality, Audia quickly won accolades, as well as customers. Now we introduce AudiaVOIP, the all-in-one preconfigured VoIP teleconferencing solution that’s designed to be easy to set up and use. AudiaVOIP is a fixed-configuration processor with a preloaded DAP file that saves you time on installation. A dedicated daVinci™ software control panel is also available to simplify the integration of control for the end user. It’s that easy.


You know that annoying echo you hear during teleconferences? It’s someone’s voice coming out of a speaker, feeding directly back into a microphone and returning to the source. AudiaVOIP features our award-winning Sona™ AEC technology that totally eliminates this acoustic echo.

AudiaVOIP comes preconfigured with 12 AEC inputs, 4 standard inputs, 4 line outputs, 2 amplified outputs and 2 VoIP lines.

With AEC, built-in VoIP and amplified outputs, think of AudiaVOIP as your preconfigured, cost-effective VoIP-based conferencing solution from the company who knows VoIP like no other.


  • Sona Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC)
  • Control via:
    • PC/laptop
    • Remote control panels for level, presets, etc.
    • Third-party control via RS-232
  • Built-in diagnostic tools
  • Remote function control via Ethernet
  • CE marked, UL listed & RoHS compliant
  • Covered by Biamp Systems’ 5-year warranty
  • Ability to select, view, and calibrate:
    • Mixers: Standard, automatic, matrix, combiners
    • Equalizers: Graphic, parametric
    • Filters: HPF, LPF, high shelf, low shelf, all-pass
    • Crossovers: 2-Way, 3-Way and 4-Way
    • Dynamics: Leveler, comp/limiter, ducker, ANC
    • Routers: 2x4 ~ 40x40
    • Delays: 0 ~ 2000ms
    • Remote controls
    • Meters: Signal present, peak, RMS
    • Generators: Tone, pink-noise, white-noise
    • Diagnostics: Transfer function

AudiaVOIP Cards

(2) IP-2 Dual-Channel Mic/Line Input Cards
IP-2 input cards allow each AudiaVOIP installation to have the quantity and type of inputs required. Each IP-2 Card provides two channels of mic/line input, as part of AudiaVOIP hardware. Inputs are balanced, and are provided on plug-in barrier strip connectors. Software control of individual inputs includes: gain w/ peak indication; +48V phantom power; mute; level; and signal invert.

(6) AEC-2HD Dual-Channel Wide-Band Acoustic Echo Cancellation Input Cards
Audia has always been ideal for audio and video conferencing. Now, AEC-2HD Input Cards allow each AudiaVOIP installation to have precisely the acoustic echo cancellation needed. With the ability to select AEC on individual input channels, your network conferencing can enjoy the power and flexibility of Audia. Each AEC-2HD Input Card provides two channels of acoustic echo cancellation and background noise reduction, as part of AudiaVOIP hardware. AEC-2HD Input Cards are designed and built using Biamp's proprietary Sona™ AEC technology for increased frequency response, improved audio quality, and more natural sound during full-duplex transmission of speech. Additional benefits include greater tolerance for differing signal levels, enhanced intelligibility and fast, easy setup.

(2) OP-2e Dual-Channel Mic/Line Output Cards
OP-2e output cards allow each AudiaVOIP installation to have the quantity and type of outputs required. Each OP-2e Card provides two channels of mic/line output, as part of AudiaVOIP hardware. Outputs are balanced, and are provided on plug-in barrier strip connectors. Software control of individual outputs includes: mute; level; signal invert; and full-scale output reference.

(1) PA-2 Dual-Channel Power Amplifier Cards
PA-2 amplifier cards allow AudiaVOIP to directly power 4, 6, or 8 ohm speakers. The output power is software configurable from 5 to 30 watts dual-channel and from 10 to 60 watts mono-bridged.

(1) VoIP-2 Dual-Channel Voice Over Internet Protocol Card
VoIP-2 Cards for AudiaVOIP enable conferencing over VoIP directly from AudiaVOIP, with two channels of VoIP interface per card. VoIP-2 cards allow AudiaVOIP to connect directly to IP-based phone systems and eliminate the need for VoIP adapters. Used in conjunction with AEC-2HD Dual-Channel Wideband Acoustic Echo Cancellation Input Cards, the VoIP-2 Card makes AudiaVOIP the most powerful, flexible, and affordable telephone conferencing product available.

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