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Nexia Controls

Biamp Systems has a long history of building its products for optimal control flexibility. Nexia controls are no exception. There is a variety of control options from which to choose. Nexia software has the capability of creating a customized control panel that has four levels of password control access. And the new RED-1 and RED-1F give you graphical touch screen remotes with great looks and even better performance.

Our new remote control for Audia® and Nexia flush-mounts to any wall. Just like the RED-1, it offers a simple, intuitive interface for end users and can be installed and configured to fit the unique needs of a particular application. The device connects via standard CAT-5/6/7 cabling and is powered over Ethernet.

Our remote adjusts or initiates 32 selectable system volumes and actions over an easy-to-read OLED screen. Capacitive touch control simplifies operation. Control functions are programmed in Audia and Nexia system design software, but can be configured to fit the needs of a particular application.

Volume 8
Provides adjustment of 8 selectable Audia and Nexia volumes.

Select 8
Provides enabling and disabling of 8 selectable Audia and Nexia actions.

Volume/Select 8
Contains both features of the Volume 8 and Select 8.

Logic Box
Utilize logic outputs or have Audia or Nexia respond to contact closures.

Voltage Control Box
Allows creation of custom control panels, with completely programmable functions.

Remote Control Bus Hub
Provides eight parallel ports for the connection of remote control devices to an Audia or Nexia system.

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