Sound On A Whole New Scale™

Tesira means "Founder" in Greek, one who leads and carries the vision for new possibilities. "Founder" also means everything that Tesira is. The inventor who sees with fresh eyes. The maker who puts it all together. The builder who lays the strong foundation. Tesira is the founder of a new world of opportunity, on a scale as big as you can imagine.

That's why Tesira is such an apt name for a family of products that changes the scale of possibilities for the way AV systems are designed, installed, networked and experienced.

The Tesira line of digital signal processors takes our legacy for customizable, configurable, medium-scale platforms and extends it to the large, extra large, and super-scale platforms. By using Audio Video Bridging (AVB), an IEEE open standard, its networking capabilities are among the most flexible, scalable, and affordable on the market. The Tesira line includes the SERVER (can be deployed as a redundant pair), SERVER-IO, and TesiraFORTÉ, with each offering different networking capabilities for different installation environments.

Our most recent update is the state-of-the-art of everything we know and love about audio. Now Tesira SERVER and SERVER-IO can use Dante™ (DAN-1 card), CobraNet® (SCM-1 card), and AVB (AVB-1 card) in a single chassis — making for a very powerful, future-proofed, and robust network.

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Learn about different methods for streaming professional grade audio and video across your network.

2013 Audio Product of the Year
  • Biamp has won AV Magazine's coveted award for our Tesira product family.

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  • With Tesira, an entire media system can run on a regular Ethernet LAN and be managed easily from a single PC. Find out how in our product brochure.

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