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Audio Outputs

Vocia output components are smart enough and tough enough to ensure your messages are heard.

They have embedded DSP and on-board memory to process and store messages and configuration information locally.They also include comprehensive fixed-chain digital signal processing and receive audio and control signals over standard IP and CobraNet® networks.

The Vocia Output (VO-4) device converts four channels of digital audio input into line-level analog audio outputs. It's easy to tailor the output — including gain, filters and a compressor/limiter — through its software-configurable local signal processing. The VO-4e is used to monitor and supervise high-quality third-party amplifiers or powered speaker systems. The VO-4e supports the use of the Vocia ELD-1 and the ANC-1 devices with generic amplifiers, and can be used in a voice evacuation system where EN 54-16 compliance is not a requirement.

The networked multi-channel Vocia Amplifiers (VA-8600 and VA-8600c*) provide eight channels of modular amplification with up to 2400W of power per chassis via AM-600 and AM-600c* cards and optional channel-to-channel or device-to-device failover — all easily configured using Vocia's intuitive software. Add the new Vocia VA-8600 Failover Module (VFOM-1*) card and expand the failover options to include 7:1 channel failover or two sets of 3:1 channel failover. Add the End of Line Device (ELD-1) for remote line monitoring, and you'll always know the system's speakers are live and fully active.

Need to control external devices during paging, like attenuator over-ride relays? The Page Active Relay Module (PARM-1) card allows this optional capability to the VA-8600 amplifiers.

For facilities with multiple small areas or zones, Vocia's family of small amplifiers offers eight different configurations to perfectly fit the system and demands required. The VA-2060* and VA-4030* are ideal, providing a plethora of options and features for designing a customized system for any size space. The enhanced models (VA-2060e* and VA-4030e*) enable you to route local channels to the output with available analog inputs and provide dual power supply. No matter what the application, ensure messages and pages are heard within a variety of acoustical environments with the Ambient Noise Compensation (ANC-1) device for automatic ambient noise compensation.

After all, when you know you're going to be heard, you want to sound good.

*Certified for use in an EN 54-16 life safety system

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