Who knew sitting in your office chair could be such a workout...for your fingers? At Biamp, we've been so inspired by the London Olympics, we've created a race of our own! With Biamp's Race to the Case Study challenge, your installations can reside among the best of the best at Biamp.com. Simply submit your Vocia® installation information online and we'll have it professionally written into a published case study. The first four new Vocia case studies published will receive a $500 Visa gift card.

This a relay. You'll need a partner at your installation to sign off on participation, but just like any relay, when you win so do they. We'll give your installation contact a $500 Visa gift card for helping you cross the finish line first!

Gather your best
Vocia installation
stories. Make sure you
have permission to
publically talk about
the installation.

Fill out the
online installation
completely. Hit

Work with Biamp to
get your case study
published as soon as
possible. The first 4
case studies that are
published WIN!