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Despite huge advances in almost every area of architecture and interior design — from natural light to ergonomics to environmental sustainability — sound and acoustics have remained secondary concerns for the most part. Yet the acoustics of a space have a disproportionate impact on the well-being and productivity of its occupants.

We encourage everyone to consider the impacts of sound more seriously — not only can it have a positive effect on business drivers like profits and employee retention, it might even make you live longer.

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Download our companion piece Sound Affects!, an easy-to-read primer on acoustics and the impact sound can have on the way we live and work.

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The world is getting noisier, and our health and productivity are suffering as a result.

The evidence linking noise to a range of complaints is formidable: increased stress, irritability and loss of sleep are common. In schools and hospitals, noise greatly contributes to slower learning, longer convalescences and decreased productivity.

Download our whitepaper Building In Sound, and you'll learn about the four ingredients of effective sound design for any space:
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Want more information? Check out Sound Affects!, a free handbook written by Julian Treasure that explores why sound quality matters in business. It also acts as a non-technical guide for achieving the best results when installing sound systems.