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Biamp offers a range of sophisticated products for building the optimal, network-based paging system for any environment. Vocia® is the obvious choice for large, multi-zoned paging and voice evacuation systems. Its distributed, networked processing maximizes reliability and flexibility in higher education, health care, transportation and other public facilities. Vocia's EN 54-16 certification provides you with peace of mind no matter where you are located. The Vocia CobraNet® Bridge combines the reliability of Vocia's critical paging with the ability to leverage the power of Audia for DSP processing, conferencing and room combining. You can bring in CobraNet channels from Audia or any other CobraNet device using explicit bundle assignment as background music channels into Vocia. By the same token you can configure up to four channels for use in other CobraNet-based systems using a VO-4 device.

Biamp's Audia® product line remains the standard in flexible, affordable paging systems. Intuitive software makes it easy to install and sync paging stations, while the Networked Paging Station-1 helps users quickly switch between pre-assigned paging groups and zones. At the same time, the powerful AudiaFLEX DSP and AudiaFUSION Networked Amplified Processor satisfy all your advanced audio system requirements. With Biamp's renowned sound quality and durability built in, our paging systems provide worry-free operation in demanding locations such as hospitals, airports, stadiums, shopping malls and convention centers.

Networked Paging Case Study
With more than sixty stores nationwide, a large luxury retailer recognizes the need to standardize its instore audio systems

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