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Unlock the full potential of any small to medium sized conference room with Parlé conferencing bars. Embrace the future of online collaboration and experience online meetings that elevate productivity and connectivity like never before.


Have your meeting ever been hijacked by technology?

Regain control of online meetings and eliminate tech disruptions and experience smooth collaboration. Keep your team engaged and meetings on track, free from technical distractions.


Imagine a world where online meetings just work

Step into a world of effortless online meetings. No more wasted time troubleshooting audio and video issues. Biamp's Audio Intelligence and Video Intelligence come together to deliver premium AV experiences in your conference room.

Our Parlé Bars create a complete video conferencing system for small to medium meeting spaces. This powerful bar is easy and quick to install. They can be plugged directly into a UC system with a single USB connection or can be paired with a Devio SCR-10 for a complete BYOD system.


Explore how Biamp’s solutions fits your industry and needs. Our comprehensive range of Control Systems, Business Audio, Loudspeakers, Conferencing equipment, and more, enable users to make the most out of AV equipment in any space.


True Meeting Equity


Audio Consistency


Pro Audio Performance


3 - 2 - Launch!



Clear and intelligent – With its many advanced audio features, Biamp Parlé VBC2500 provides clearer speech even in meeting rooms with poor acoustics. The function Launch is a small stroke of genius on Biamp’s part, and the microphone array makes voices come through clearly and uniformly even if the meeting participants are spread in the meeting room.

—ProAV Magasinet, Denmark

Best video bar and conferencing systems we have tested. The audio coming from the system was warm, clear, and the far end feel like they were in the room.

—Tim Albright, CEO, AVNation Media

Sound output is a cut above the rest, as Biamp has designed the speaker array to accurately reproduce human speech.

—Pc Pro


Parlé VBC 2500 Video Conferencing Bar

Parlé VBC 2500 deliver premium AV experiences in small and medium sized conference rooms. With integrated AEC and NRD, the VBC 2500 uses a 27-microphone array and Biamp Beamtracking™ technology that actively track and intelligently mix conversations from around the room.

Two smart speakers use distortion compensation and dynamic bass enhancement technology to create room filling audio with superior speech reproduction.

It includes a wide angle 4k camera designed for conference rooms. The camera incorporates high quality optics to enable streaming crystal clear video at 2160p @ 30fps. The VBC 2500 uses auto framing technology to identify meeting participants and to adjust the focus and zoom to keep participants in view.


Parlé ABC 2500a Conferencing Audio Bar

The Parlé ABC 2500a is an all-in-one conferencing bar featuring Biamp Audio Intelligence to deliver premium audiovisual experiences for small and medium conference rooms.

With integrated Acoustic Echo Cancellation and AI Noise Reduction, the ABC 2500a uses a 27-element microphone array and Biamp Beamtracking™ technology to actively track and intelligently mix conversations from around the room. 

Two smart speakers use distortion compensation and dynamic bass enhancement technology to create room filling audio with superior speech reproduction.

Experience Biamp Launch

Launch measures the room’s acoustic characteristics and then automatically applies signal processing, acoustic echo cancellation, speaker tuning, and noise reduction.

There’s also a detailed report card, which shows acoustic performance before and after the tuning process.

All you have to do is press the LAUNCH button!


Use with the UC platform of your choice

Parlé conferencing bars gives the users the freedom to have online meetings using their preferred UC platform or video conferencing application.

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