Experience our latest products, designed to elevate your audio and video solutions to new heights. Discover technology and enhanced features in our newest additions, bringing a fresh perspective to your AV experiences.




Explore our comprehensive range of industry-leading solutions, offering a complete ecosystem for your audio and video needs. From amplifiers to wireless presentation systems, we provide a diverse lineup of top-quality products to empower your audiovisual setups.




Unleash the power of exceptional audio reproduction with our high-performance amplifiers, delivering unparalleled clarity and precision.

Elevate your sound experience with our amplifiers, meticulously engineered to provide optimal signal amplification and fidelity.


Audio Digital Signal Processors (DSPs)

Unlock the true potential of your audio systems with our advanced DSPs, offering precise control and customization for impeccable sound.

Experience enhanced audio processing capabilities with our state-of-the-art DSPs, enabling you to fine-tune and optimize every aspect of your sound environment.


Complete Room Solutions

Simplify your audio and video integration with our comprehensive room solutions, designed to deliver seamless collaboration and immersive experiences.

Experience hassle-free setup and exceptional performance with our all-in-one room solutions, providing a complete package for your conferencing and presentation needs.


Conferencing Bars

Transform your meeting spaces into professional communication hubs with our conferencing bars, delivering crystal-clear audio and video for seamless collaboration.

Experience enhanced clarity and intelligibility in your conference calls with our conferencing bars, designed to capture every voice and detail with precision.


Conferencing Cameras

Capture every angle and convey your message effectively with our high-quality conferencing cameras, ensuring a lifelike visual experience during remote meetings.

From wide-angle views to precise zoom capabilities, our conferencing cameras empower you to make a lasting impact with your video conferencing setups.



Take command of your AV systems effortlessly with our intuitive control solutions, providing seamless management and operation at your fingertips.

Streamline your system control with our user-friendly interfaces and powerful control processors, offering convenience and flexibility in managing your AV environment.



Immerse yourself in rich and immersive sound with our premium loudspeakers, delivering exceptional audio quality and precise dispersion.

Experience the perfect blend of elegance and performance with our loudspeakers, designed to reproduce audio with astonishing clarity and depth.


Matrix Systems

Achieve seamless audio routing and distribution with our reliable matrix systems, enabling flexible signal management and integration across multiple zones.

From complex installations to simple routing needs, our matrix systems offer versatile solutions for distributing audio with utmost efficiency.



Capture every word and capture attention with our high-quality microphones, delivering exceptional clarity and intelligibility in any environment.

Experience pristine audio capture and intelligible communication with our microphones, designed to bring out the best in every speaker and presenter.


Mixing Amplifiers

Perfect your audio mix and achieve optimal sound balance with our professional mixing amplifiers, offering intuitive controls and superior audio performance.

Whether in live performances or corporate events, our mixing amplifiers provide the versatility and control you need to deliver an unforgettable audio experience.


Music Sources

Set the right mood and create ambiance with our diverse range of music sources, offering easy access to a wide variety of audio content for any setting.

Enjoy seamless integration and exceptional sound quality with our music sources, ensuring a captivating audio experience tailored to your preferences.


Paging Stations

Keep your communication streamlined and efficient with our paging stations, providing intuitive interfaces for broadcasting messages in any environment.

From emergency notifications to routine announcements.



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