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Our newest products deliver exceptional audiovisual experiences in more applications than ever before. With a commitment to developing technology that is easy to use and easy to install, our new products empower true human connection in any space.

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b. everywhere

Biamp Workplace, a powerful new cloud-based platform, represents the next stage in the company’s unified ecosystem strategy, consolidating capabilities from Evoko Workplace and SageVue into a single, comprehensive solution for centralized AV monitoring, management, and optimization across the Biamp product portfolio. The result is a scalable, cloud-hosted software solution that empowers integrators, IT managers, and support staff to seamlessly oversee all deployed Biamp systems from a unified dashboard accessible anytime, anywhere.

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b. productive

The Evoko Naso and Kleeo are cloud-connected, highly intuitive room and desk management solutions that streamline the process of booking meeting rooms and shared desk spaces. New compatibility with Google Workspace—in addition to Microsoft Outlook—means scheduling can now be accomplished through two of the most popular cloud-based calendar applications.

The updated Evoko Workplace is an intuitive, cloud-based management system that integrates seamlessly with the newly revamped Evoko Naso room scheduling panels and Evoko Kleeo desk booking devices. Comprised of the Workplace App and Workplace Admin, the new unified system eliminates double bookings, provides real-time visibility into room and desk availability, integrates with Microsoft 365 and Google Calendar, and offers data-driven insights to optimize workspace utilization

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b. connected

The Parlé VBC 2800 is an all-in-one conferencing bar that delivers high performance AV experiences in meeting spaces of all sizes, up to and including large rooms. The VBC 2800 features a new dual 50 MP + 8 MP ePTZ camera system that clearly sees everyone, even further down long conference tables—along with a 27-microphone array and Biamp Beamtracking technology to actively track and intelligently mix conversations from around the room, and Biamp Launch for automatic deployment and room tuning.

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b. seen

The Vidi 280 is a stand-alone conferencing camera, ideal for rooms of all sizes, that easily connects to room experience systems like UC computes or BYOM hubs via USB-C. The Vidi 280 features a dual 50 MP + 8 MP ePTZ camera system that can see everyone in large conference rooms, capturing crisp detail at farther distances.

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b. flexible

Voltera D M and D Series amplified loudspeaker controllers are packed with sophisticated yet simple tools for tuning rooms, and a host of other one-of-a-kind features that drive reliability and audio performance, as well as space and cost savings. Both D M and D Series products are configurable through Tesira or VenueTune software.

Previously unavailable in this segment, Voltera D M networked, amplified loudspeaker controllers feature the full performance of a standalone Tesira Digital Signal Processor (DSP), providing the capacity to host, select, configure, and tune a complete Tesira-based system.

Voltera D amplified loudspeaker controllers are ideal for installed sound applications comprised of primarily loudspeakers, such as paging, voice reinforcement, and background music in small venues. The D Series features the right amount of DSP to set up and manage loudspeaker settings and performance.

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b. clear

Our new Commercial CCA-80 constant coverage aisle loudspeaker is an asymmetric, full-range, 3-way horn device that’s ideal for paging and background music in long, narrow, acoustically challenging spaces, such as warehouse and grocery store aisles, airport corridors, and similar indoor spaces.

Designed for applications that require sound to radiate from a central location, the CCA-80D bundle of back-to-back CCA-80 loudspeakers ships with a dual mounting bracket for fast, low cost installations.

The Community R.15-3696 offers excellent voice intelligibility and quality music playback, in a compact size with pricing optimized for very large deployments. The R.15-3696 loudspeaker augments the best-selling Community R Series and is designed for both indoor and outdoor applications that require shorter throw distances than those provided with the larger R Series speakers, such as short throw sports field applications, stadium concourses, warehouses, gymnasiums, and other similar highly reverberant spaces.

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b. complete

We’ve partnered with Lenovo to deliver a state-of-the-art compute device that enables Biamp to offer end-to-end conference room solutions. Our ThinkSmart Core and Controller Kit pairs with new bundled solutions for extraordinary collaboration experiences in a wide range of rooms from huddle spaces to large conference rooms.

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b. collaborative

MAX Connect is an easy-to-use, yet powerful, content sharing and collaboration solution that turns any space into a bring-your-own-meeting (BYOM) room. Now participants can use their own devices to share and interact with content, control room AV equipment, and join UC meetings using their app of choice — including Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

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b. engaged

Crowd Mics empowers audience interaction by turning smartphones into wireless mics, eliminating the need to pass a microphone around the room. It allows presenters and attendees to connect on a personal level, while moderators maintain full control over the conversation. New features include a streamlined and simplified UI; push to talk, which lets participants speak without holding a button; and haptic feedback, which vibrates when it’s the next participant’s turn to talk.

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b. in control

The Impera control app adds the power of Tango and Apprimo control to the convenience of a personal device. Now you can use your iPhone, iPad, or Vision Pro device to control the audiovisual peripherals in a conference room—adjust volume, change sources, adjust zoom or focus, and more.

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b. focused

Cambridge Qt X sound masking offers both direct-field and in-plenum functionality to address the full spectrum of sound masking needs. New enhancements to our industry leading sound masking platform enable support for up to 250 Qt X controllers on a single network, plus optimized system performance, improved setup, configuration, and troubleshooting capabilities, and more.

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