Desono Loudspeakers


Elegant loudspeakers engineered for high speech intelligibility and full music reproduction

  • Desono Audio Clarity

    Audio Clarity

  • Connectivity Options

    Connectivity Options

  • Ease of Installation

    Ease of Installation

  • Installation Versatility

    Installation Versatility

Desono highlights

  • Superb speech intelligibility with reduced distortion and uniform voicing
  • Excellent for background music, foreground music, and paging
  • Built-in transformers for low impedance and constant voltage applications
  • In-ceiling, surface mount, column, and pendant form factors available
  • Many models are IP rated for outdoor applications such as patios or concourses
  • Compression drivers on several models for enhanced upper frequency performance

Desono Overview.

Desono loudspeakers are well suited for background music, foreground music, and paging applications

Desono loudspeakers are engineered for high speech intelligibility and full-range reproduction, making them ideal for business audio applications. Whether you need background music, foreground music, paging, or a combination, Desono loudspeakers will exceed your expectations. Our ceiling loudspeakers are designed to blend seamlessly into the background, while the stylish designs of our surface mount, pendant, and column loudspeakers complement a variety of room aesthetics.

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