Evoko meeting room & desk booking systems


Room and Desk Booking System


Evoko room and desk scheduling systems from Biamp take workplace management to a new level of simplicity. Now scheduling is easy and friction-free, just as it should be. Improve the workflow within your organization without double-bookings, or interrupted meetings, and spend your time on what matters.


Image Evoko Liso Room Manager

Liso Room Manager

Placed outside any meeting room, the Liso clearly shows who has booked the room and for how long. Evoko Liso Room Manager has all the features you need in a self-hosted room booking system. Book easily with your favorite digital calendar, or directly on the screen.


Image Evoko Kleeo Desk Manager

Kleeo Desk Manager

The perfect desk booking device for any office using flexible seating. The Evoko Kleeo desk manager is a workspace booking device that signals which space is available, checked-in, or awaiting the occupant who reserved it.


Image Evoko Workplace App

Evoko Desk Booking Software

Evoko Desk Booking Software makes it easy to find and book a desk anytime, anywhere, using the intuitive app. This cloud-based software is the perfect companion to Kleeo and is included for five years with the purchase of Kleeo Desk Manager.