Simplified control for extraordinary experiences

Biamp delivers easily configurable control products that empower professionals to simplify complex AV environments for those who depend on easy, reliable connections for every meeting, lecture, and presentation.

Control Pads

Impera control pads are easy to use, install, configure, and integrate into new and existing AV installations. Control pads can be quickly configured and customized within Project Designer software making them flexible and cost-effective control solutions. Biamp control pads provide AV control suitable for presentation spaces, learning environments, and conference rooms.

Touch Panels

Offering enhanced flexibility in room control and nearly unlimited options in UI design, Apprimo touch panels make it simple to configure, operate, and manage AV equipment in a wide range of applications. Featuring touch panels in a range of sizes, the Apprimo line enables the customization necessary for truly optimized room environments.

Touch Panel Controllers

Impera controllers power intuitive touch control for Apprimo touch panels. These controllers enable fully customizable user interfaces via Project Designer software to give users clear, reliable starting points for presentations, lessons, and beyond.

Control Panels

Apprimo control panels combine an integrated Impera controller with an Apprimo touch panel, for a fully customizable control solution suited for most room control requirements. Apprimo control panels are configurable using Project Designer software, with several themes and customizable templates to choose from.

Project Designer

Biamp Project Designer software eliminates the need for coding, giving AV integrators the easiest and most intuitive software for configuring control systems and interfaces. Drag-and-drop configuration takes the guesswork out of building control systems, speeding deployment.

Huddle Room Example

Huddle rooms are often associated with BYOD solutions, and our Devio platform is an excellent fit for this scenario. Users can benefit from a clear starting point for the meeting such as the Impera Uniform to control source selection, volume control, and display on/off.

View more examples in Control Applications design guide.

Medium Room Example

Our next generation TesiraFORTÉ X series of audio signal processors are tailor-made for modern meeting rooms, reducing the amount of hardware and connections needed for system build out. They can be paired and controlled easily by an Apprimo Touch 8i control panel. The Touch 8i is operated by an integrated controller capable of controlling up to 20 IP-based devices, allowing you to customize a solution that perfectly matches the customer requirements.

View more examples in Control Applications design guide.

Large Room Example

Large(r) rooms often involve a commensurate increase in AV system complexity. For example, a lecture theater can employ several video sources such as document cameras, presenter laptops, media players, and more. An easy-to-use control system powered by an Impera Tango is a necessity in the room for instructors to be able to keep the focus on the topic being taught or discussed.

View more examples in Control Applications design guide.

Classroom Example

The Impera Echo control pad is an excellent fit for a K-12 classroom. The rugged construction provides the durability required for such a high touch environment, while the eight mechanical buttons support display operations and source select, as well as volume control for the teacher’s voice lift microphone.

View more examples in our Control Applications design guide.


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