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Premium Conferencing Experience with Biamp Parlé

Captivate Virtual Meetings with Biamp Parlé Conferencing Bars

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Hear and Be Heard
Smart stereo speakers dynamically adjust performance

Capture Every Voice
Beamtracking microphones actively track every voice

Bring People Closer
4K camera provides superior picture quality and auto frames participants
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Configure Automatically
Biamp Launch automatically optimizes room audio at the touch of a button
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Unify Your Communications
Certified for Microsoft Teams Rooms and Zoom Rooms, and compatible with other UC platforms

Unlock Virtual Meetings with Parlé Conferencing Bars

The Parlé family of conferencing bars is revolutionizing the way people conduct virtual meetings. With advanced audio and video technologies like Beamtracking microphones, smart loudspeakers, advanced signal processing, an optional 4K camera with auto-framing, and Biamp Parlé's automated deployment and tuning technology, users can enjoy a seamless and effortless virtual meeting experience. Conference room audio and video are now elevated to the highest level of clarity and clarity with the Parlé family of conferencing bars. Boardroom AV and Conference Room Audio Parlé solutions enable you to communicate effectively, regardless of the size of your meeting room.

The next evolution of conferencing

When teams experience the differnce of Parlé, they notice. Read for yourself:

Tim Albright

"The audio quality is remarkable and one of the best video bar and conferencing systems we have tested. The audio coming from the system was warm, clear, and made the far end feel like they were in the room"

Tim Albright.
CEO AVNation Media

Take Your Conferencing to the Next Level with Parlé AV 

When teams experience the difference of Parlé, they notice.

"The audio quality is remarkable and one of the best video bar and conferencing systems we have tested. The audio coming from the system was warm, clear, and made the far end feel like they were in the room."

Tim Albright.

CEO, AVNation Media


Frequently Asked Questions

Microsoft Teams Rooms, Zoom Rooms, Google Meet, or any unified communications platform accessed online via a web browser or a downloaded app.
Certified for Microsoft Teams  Badge of Zoom Certified logo
The Parlé VBC 2500 can be plugged directly into a Unified Communications (UC) System with a single USB connection or can be paired with a Biamp Parlé N 100 network adaptor to provide network connectivity and monitoring using SageVue software. It can also be used with the Biamp Devio SCR-10 device hub for conference or huddle rooms that use a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) system making it compatible with nearly any meeting room AV.
It’s conference room technology that requires less equipment, while delivering better quality. It’s plug-and-play; anyone can install and use the Parlé VBC 2500 easily. Our technology actively tracks and intelligently mixes conversations from around the room. It also features Biamp Launch, an automated tuning system that optimizes the audio to each unique conference space easily making it the best video conferencing system solution.
Beamforming microphones are arrays of microphone elements that can be controlled and shaped via DSP. This allows the beams to be “aimed” at specific areas of the room. Beamtracking™ microphones differ considerably from beamforming. You can use a single Beamtracking microphone to cover a wide area with little to no setup, since the microphone identifies and locks to a signal source, even if the person speaking is moving around. Biamp’s Beamtracking microphones also intelligently mix conversations from around the table, allowing far-end conference participants to experience a more natural-sounding conversation.
Our Parlé VBC 2500 offers a 4K, wide angle 120° field-of-view with 5x zoom, electronic pan, tilt, and auto framing capabilities that adjusts the ePTZ to intelligently track users allowing everyone in the room to be seen. The conferencing camera is capable of transmitting video signals up to 2160p resolution at 30 frames per second.

Award-Winning Conference Room Solutions

ISE best of show award
SCN award
2022 best of infocomm
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