Browser-based Bliss

SageVue, our browser-based monitoring and management platform, provides a comprehensive overview of all network-connected Tesira, Cambridge, and Devio devices, as well as Crowd Mics ATOMs.

Did we mention that it’s FREE?

Status Check

SageVue gives you immediate visual feedback regarding the health of your system. If you want to get granular, you can do that too. And yes, SageVue allows you to traverse subnets, giving you access to all of your systems from a single administrative console.

Improve your management style.

Remote Control

SageVue allows you to update firmware remotely, either on a device-by-device basis or in groups, it’s up to you. Choose from the most recent firmware releases, and reboot individual devices via SageVue if needed. You are in Control.

Keep up-to-date with SageVue.

Herding Users

SageVue intelligently interfaces with LDAP infrastructure, which makes user administration so much easier. Map LDAP groups to user roles in SageVue, and assign granular access privileges.

Border collie optional.

It's VoIP-tastic

SageVue lets you configure Tesira VoIP-enabled devices directly, no software required. SageVue comes pre-configured with the most popular proxy vendors, including Avaya, Cisco, and Shoretel, among others.

Dial it up.


SageVue comes with a full-featured RESTful API, allowing you to pull SageVue data into other network management systems or custom dashboards. And when we say full-featured, anything you see in the web UI is also available through the API.

Unleash your inner (or outer) programmer.

Feeds and Speeds

Fire up your browser and get ready. SageVue installs on Windows 10, Windows Server 2012, or WIndows Server 2016. You can deploy it on a desktop or on a server-hosted virtual machine. For the full set of hardware specs, check out the data sheet.

Do you have the need for more speed(s)?

We've Got Your Back

If you’re ready to take the plunge and start using SageVue, we’re here to support you. Check out the SageVue FAQ on Cornerstone for questions regarding installation, as well as our online documentation.

Start making your life easier.

See SageVue in Action

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