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Golden Gate Cathedral

Memphis, Tennessee
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Unbalanced sound in a highly reverberant space motivated Golden Gate Cathedral – the main worship space of the Memphis, Tennessee, church with a membership upwards of 2,000 – to seek specialist advice. The church’s main sanctuary has a seating capacity of 1,350. The church’s pastor, Bishop Edward H Stephens, is a passionate and expressive preacher, so a sound system with a natural balanced sound and outstanding intelligibility is an essential element in delivering his sermons.

The system comprises LR arrays each comprising six IV6-1122 wide-dispersion 12-inch two-way array elements, with a pair of IV6-118S 18-inch subwoofers extending the low frequency response. A further combination of Biamp's Community I Series IP6-1122 12-inch two-way point-source, IC6-2082 dual 8-inch compact loudspeakers, and IS6-218 dual 18-inch subwoofers provide additional fill and rear stage seating coverage.