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Kenyon Athletic Center

Gambier, Ohio
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Ohio’s Kenyon College is the home of the 263,000 square foot Kenyon Athletic Center, a massive, multipurpose indoor complex, created for a variety of uses. The Center’s media systems have been designed to function under a wide range of scenarios, making creative use of several independent but interconnected DSP and control systems. As part of those systems sit a number of Biamp's Community loudspeakers.

For most of the larger spaces, the audio system design needed to address both intelligibility and musicality, particularly low-end response. Audio for the indoor track area is provided by 48 Community R166-X two-way full range systems, while the tennis courts are covered by 12 R1-66TX loudspeakers. Audio in the natatorium, an indoor Olympic-sized swimming pool, is provided by 18 R1-66TX full-range loudspeakers.