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Normandy Cricket Club

Normandy, United Kingdom
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The cricket club in Normandy UK has existed since 1896 and is located in a beautiful secluded rural location in the Surrey Hills. The clubhouse is not only used for hosting cricket events but also for parties, functions and quiz nights. With this dual-purpose use in mind an audio system that can be used for both types of events were sourced.

This includes Biamp MPLT62 music projectors outside and MASK6T cabinet loudspeakers inside. The system is driven by a REVAMP4240T amplifier with ZONE4 pre-amplifier and ZONE4R wall control panels. The system is fed by two wireless mics and a PCR3000RMKII for background music. Ian Richards, president of Normandy Cricket Club detailed "the system takes the club to another level, and it was really needed, giving many options for background music and announcements. This will really be a major benefit moving forward."