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Radisson Resort & Spa

Dubrovnik, Croatia
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This Radisson Resort & Spa in Dubrovnik opened in the summer of 2009. The 5-star hotel and resort offers an exquisite beachfront location, overlooking the Adriatic sea. After an initial tendering process, the Croatian distributor was invited by the main contractor to take care of the sound system for background music, paging messages and foreground music in the entire resort (rooms, general areas, restaurants, bars, sport facilities, wellness, aerobic, terraces, hotel lobby,...). 

The whole installation totals a stunning amount of more than 800 Biamp speakers, from ceiling speakers to horns and sound projectors, cabinet speakers and subwoofers. Everything powered by the matching electronics in 100V as well as low impedance. The 100V units are used for the general areas and are linked to IP audio players, connected to the worldwide Radisson audio distribution system located in London. In most areas you will find local sources next to the IP player. The emergency system works with pre-recorded messages stored on a separate, 3rd party system which is linked to the audio system by using a priority override that can shut off all other audio when activated. The Indian Bar, where high powered music is requested has a combination of low impedance MASK8 speakers and SUB2400 subwoofers.