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Ridley High School

Ridley Park, Pennsylvania
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Ridley High School serves 2200 students in its facility near Philadelphia, which was recently upgraded with loudspeakers from Biamp. Ridley’s auditorium is well designed for dramatic performances and musicals with a large stage and modern technical and lighting systems.

Unfortunately, the original audio system was poorly designed and installed. Its loudspeakers were suspended above the acoustic clouds resulting in numerous dead spots, poor vocal clarity and muffled music quality. Biamp designed a new loudspeaker system using three Biamp Community I SERIES model IP8-1152/96 loudspeakers suspended below the acoustic clouds and arranged in an exploded cluster configuration to cover the auditorium evenly. The loudspeakers are powered by a Biamp Nexia CS DSP system with remote controls located in the tech booth and at the stage.