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Biamp April 2020 Newsletter
Please welcome Bart Freedman,
Biamp’s new VP of Sales
The entire Biamp team is incredibly pleased to welcome Bart Freedman as our new Vice President of Sales. Bart brings over 25 years of sales, customer service, and management leadership in Fortune 500 technology companies to Biamp. His passion for leading customer-centric sales teams, instilling transformative processes, and growing partnerships aligns perfectly with the company’s mission to deliver extraordinary audiovisual experiences to our customers.
Experience Biamp’s Online Education and Training Resources
During this challenging time of remote business operations and social distancing, Biamp is focused more than ever on providing high-quality online training and educational resources. Here is a sampling of our upcoming webinars; and don’t forget to explore our extensive online training resources as well.

April 2 - Introduction to Sound Masking

April 2 - Stop Wasting Time: How to Hold Productive Meetings 

April 3 - Vocia 101

April 7 -  Stop Wasting Time: How to Hold Productive Meetings

April 9 - QtPro Design Best Practices

April 9 - The Biamp Conference Room

April 22 -  Designing Retail Spaces with Biamp

April 23 -  Large Venue Solutions from Biamp

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View Biamp’s online training resources
Get to Know Vocia: The Last Word in Professional-Grade Voice Communications
Vocia is Biamp’s end-to-end voice communication system and the industry gold-standard for superior reliability, unparalleled scalability, and exceptional audio quality. Network based and designed with failsafe architecture, Vocia is the ideal solution for both critical and non-critical voice communications.
Biamp Collateral and Promotional Items Drop Shipped Right to Your Door
Just because you may be working from home doesn’t mean you can’t get the Biamp collateral you need. Promotional items, brochures, and other premium items can be ordered online via the Biamp portal and drop shipped to your destination of choice. Now is the perfect time to stock up on materials to support your ongoing business initiatives and goals for 2020.
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Loudspeakers from Biamp: Make Every Seat the Best Seat
Offering a wide range of solutions for venues worldwide, Biamp loudspeakers provide long-term reliability and consistent high-quality sound for indoor and outdoor spaces:

COMMUNITY loudspeakers elevate audio at the world's foremost sports venues, auditoriums, recreation, houses of worship and performance venues.

APART is our line of commercial and leisure audio solutions for small and mid-size venues, with loudspeakers designed to serve retail, food service, education, and small office spaces.

DESONO loudspeakers provide Tesira systems with powerful sound reinforcement and conferencing capabilities, encased within sleek designs suitable for any work space.

Explore Biamp’s Loudspeaker Portfolio
Product Spotlight: The Community IV6 Modular Vertical Array for large venues
The I SERIES Modular Vertical Array 600 (IV6) is a scalable, adaptive sound reinforcement system aesthetically designed for installed indoor or outdoor applications. System designers can precisely tailor the directivity of an array of loudspeakers to meet the coverage requirements of any installation.
Design Guide of the Month
This month we’re featuring our Small House of Worship design guide.

This design template demonstrates how Tesira products can be used within a small House of Worship installation, focusing on a system engineered to run and be easily controlled without a dedicated operator or mixing board.

The primary system consists of inputs from Pulpit, Lectern, and Altar locations for speech reproduction throughout the sanctuary and distributed feeds. In addition, there will be inputs for choir, piano, and soloist microphones that will feed into the sanctuary and supplemental powered choir monitor.
Cornerstone Tech Support Resources
Need tech support? Biamp’s Cornerstone website has you covered. Here are just a few of our latest articles and tools:

A Message to Our Customers Regarding Covid-19
As our current health crisis continues, our first priority remains the safety and well-being of our customers, employees, suppliers, and partners, and we’re truly privileged to count you among them. Even in the midst of this unprecedented situation we continue working to provide you with the level of service and care you’ve come to expect from Biamp.

Thank you for your business, your friendship, and your trust.

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