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Biamp January 2024 Newsletter
Experience Biamp at ISE 2024
We're excited to extend a special invitation for you to join Biamp at Integrated Systems Europe 2024. Get a head start on all the solutions that await at our booth.

Here's a preview of what we’ll showcase:

  • Conferencing Solutions
  • Installed Sound
  • Control Solutions
  • Sound Reinforcement
  • Networked Video Distribution
  • Networked Paging and Voice Communications
  • Sound Masking and Speech Privacy
  • Audience Engagement
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In our demo room, you’ll have the opportunity to experience MAX Connect, our complete BYOM solution. Book a demo and reserve your spot.

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Parlé Conferencing Bars Achieve Certification for Microsoft Teams, Upgrade AI Noise Reduction
Our full line of Parlé all-in-one video and audio conferencing bars are now certified for Microsoft Teams Rooms. This Teams Rooms certification assures integrators, installers, IT personnel, and end users that Parlé conferencing bars perform seamlessly within the rigorous standards of the Microsoft Teams platform.

Parlé conferencing bars incorporate Biamp AI Noise Reduction 2.0 to significantly increase vocal clarity as background noise is more effectively removed. Additional innovation allows people on both near and far ends of a call to speak simultaneously while maintaining enhanced speech intelligibility.

All Parlé conferencing bars include a 27-element Beamtracking™ microphone array to actively track conversations from around the room; smart loudspeakers for superior speech reproduction; advanced signal processing and AI noise reduction. Parlé video bars also include an auto-framing 4K camera to identify room participants and keep them in focus. For quick and easy startup, Parlé conferencing bars feature Biamp Launch which automatically analyzes and optimizes the acoustic performance in any room at the touch of a button.

Now available for download, Parlé conferencing bar firmware 1.3.0 yields Certified for Microsoft Teams functionality and delivers major enhancements to our already extraordinary AI Noise Reduction feature.

Take advantage of our latest Parlé firmware release to deliver an even higher level of Biamp’s renowned AI Noise Reduction functionality to your customers.
New Additions to Biamp City
Biamp City is a place where extraordinary communication comes to life. From corporate campuses to hospitals, airports to hotels, Biamp’s audiovisual solutions empower true human connection in every space.

And now, even more industry leading solutions are featured throughout Biamp City, including innovative Evoko room and desk booking products, and the EasyConnect MPX 200 screen sharing hub for conferencing spaces of all sizes.

Take a tour and see for yourself how the many AV solutions from Biamp deliver unparalleled performance and ease-of-installation in facilities of all types.
Australia & New Zealand Market Update
We're thrilled to bring you up to speed on our journey as we've transitioned into our direct to market model from January 1st, 2024 onward.

New Brisbane Head Office:  Exciting news! We've secured a state-of-the-art facility in Pinkenba, Brisbane to house our rapidly expanding team. Our initial appointments include finance, logistics, marketing, technical support, servicing and customer success. Expect visual updates as we embark on the fit-out journey.

Continuity of Service:  Understanding the significance of seamless continuity of supply and timely responses, our team is dedicated to meeting your needs. To connect, reach out to Jim Seretis or Matthew Packer  and we'll schedule either a physical visit or a Teams call.

Building a Team:  Progress is well underway as we identify and onboard new team members to best serve the Biamp Australian & New Zealand community. We're in the final stages for various positions and actively recruiting more team members across Australia and New Zealand.

Stay Up to Date:  Follow our dedicated LinkedIn channel Biamp APAC for continuous updates and more.
Maximizing Office Productivity with Effective Sound Masking: Why Loudspeaker Coverage Matters
In bustling modern offices, managing the distractions caused by ambient noise is crucial for maintaining staff productivity, privacy, and comfort. The role of sound masking in this context cannot be understated, and proper coverage is critical.

The negative effects of inadequate sound masking coverage

A study by the Acoustical Society of America found that inadequate sound masking can lead to a 15 percent decrease in productivity due to noise distractions. One of the common pitfalls in sound masking implementation is inadequate coverage resulting from too few loudspeakers (also called sound masking emitters). This leads to inconsistent levels of ambient noise across different office areas, which can be distracting and counterproductive. A well-designed sound masking system should employ the right number of emitters to ensure uniform coverage, thus enhancing speech privacy and reducing noticeable variations in noise levels.

The cost of compromise

In bid situations, facility owners or contractors might request fewer loudspeakers to cut costs. However, this compromise significantly impacts the system’s effectiveness. A survey by the National Institute of Building Sciences indicates that retrofitting sound masking systems due to initial under-specification can increase costs by up to 25 percent. Reduced loudspeaker numbers lead to spotty sound masking uniformity, which in turn affects speech privacy in poorly covered areas. This issue often results in system integrators being called back for adjustments, with the likely solution being the addition of more loudspeakers or a reduction in overall speech privacy.
Biamp Launch – One-Touch Audio Optimization Certified for Microsoft Teams
Subpar audio performance often threatens the effectiveness of virtual collaboration. The villain? A cacophony of acoustic variables and inadequate room solutions that leave companies struggling to achieve consistent audio quality. Fortunately, Biamp Launch—certified for Microsoft Teams—is a powerful ally, ready to combat these challenges.

The advanced processing intelligence in Biamp Launch brings numerous advantages to conferencing spaces of all types and sizes. The technology utilizes the room’s peripheral devices to measure and tune the space, analyzing the unique acoustical environment and adapting it to perform to the audio standards set forth by Microsoft Teams Rooms specifications. By measuring key audio parameters like room reverberation, room noise, and speaker tunings, Launch optimizes audio performance with unprecedented precision.

And we’ve met the increasing demand by integrating Launch in product families beyond TesiraFORTÉ X DSPs, including Parlé conferencing bars and Devio conference room hubs.
Upcoming Events & Tradeshows
Biamp has a presence at industry tradeshows around the world and regularly speaks on trends, technologies, and other relevant topics. Find the show or speaking event you're interested in and join us.

Event or Tradeshow

Date, Location & Booth Number

Integrated Systems Europe Barcelona - January 30 to February 2 - Booth 3D100
HIMSS Global Health ConferenceOrlando, FL - March 11-15 - Booth 844
ASHE 2024 | PDC SummitSan Diego, CA - March 17-20 - Booth 1218
ISCVEx 2024 Warwickshire, UK - March 19-20
Enterprise Connect Orlando, FL - March 25-28 - Booth 201
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