Biamp's latest AV products & technologies launched at InfoComm 2019


2019 has been the culmination of planning, products, and people. The Biamp team has pushed
the limits to bring you exciting new products and re-imagine your favorites with some unexpected twists.

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Be United.

Biamp simplifies conference room audio with TesiraCONNECT, a centralized connection point for all Biamp devices within a meeting space. TesiraCONNECT provides physical connections between the DSP and up to four Biamp endpoints for media streaming and PoE+ power, and fully integrates with Tesira and SageVue™, our browser-based monitoring and management platform.

B discreet with Parlé Microphones

Be Collaborative.

Devio is an easy-to-install, single-box solution that now supports our new Parlé TCM-X and TTM-X Beamtracking
, making it the ideal solution for huddle rooms.

Devio & Parlé ideal for huddle rooms

Be Powerful.

Our TesiraXEL rack-mounted amplifiers give designers the features they need and want, providing them with asymmetrical power distribution, selectable speaker impedance, and support for multiple network topologies. The TesiraXEL line are the only digital amplifiers that support 802.1X port authentication, making them the most secure amplifiers on the market.

B aware with SageVue 2.0

Be Heard.

Our new Desono C-IC6 conferencing loudspeaker is engineered for superior speech reproduction, to be used as passive speakers or paired with our new AMP-450BP. Also available is our Desono line of sound reinforcement pendant loudspeakers, with wide coverage areas that use fewer loudspeakers in a space while maintaining speech intelligibility. New to Desono is the IC6, an in-ceiling loudspeaker designed for full-range music reproduction in indoor/outdoor applications.

Be Involved.

We put a microphone in everyone’s pocket! Crowd Mics makes seamless audience participation possible by eliminating the need to pass a microphone around the room. A free smartphone app empowers the audience to ask questions and participate in polls, while the dedicated moderator app helps presenters and participants connect on a whole new level.

New from Cambridge Sound 



The Ceiling Conduit Mount is used for QtPro installations where local building codes require all in-plenum cabling to be run through conduit. Each CCM-1 can house an Emitter, providing an enclosure for all cable terminations.

New for Dynasound, The DS1339 and DS1357 will replace the DS1338 and DS1356 in-plenum sound masking speakers. Featuring re-designed hanging hardware, the new sound masking speakers are easier for installers to balance.

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