Biamp's newest AV products & technologies

b. Limitless

New for 2021, our latest products provide comprehensive audiovisual solutions with streamlined designs, enabling greater communication than ever before. Explore our new products below.

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b. Streamlined

Combining the advanced signal processing of the flagship TesiraFORTÉ system with streamlined network connectivity and a uniquely small industrial design, TesiraFORTÉ X is ideal for modern meeting spaces.

b. Simplified

Devio SCX is a new breed of conferencing hub that brings the simplicity and speed of Devio to larger meeting spaces. Devio’s automated setup and configuration has been dramatically enhanced in the form of the new Biamp Launch feature, enabling extraordinary audio in no time.

b. United

Combining our QtPro and DynasoundPro technologies into one powerful solution, the new Qt X series offers both direct-field and in-plenum functionality to address the full spectrum of sound masking needs.

b. Direct

Biamp NPX paging stations support convenience paging functionality for both the Tesira and Cambridge Qt X product lines, eliminating the cost and complexity of integrating enterprise paging or emergency communication systems.

b. Harmonious

Desono EX surface mount loudspeakers provide excellent acoustic performance and elegant aesthetics with time-saving installation features for a diverse range of distributed applications for indoors and outdoors.

b. Precise

An EASE Focus plugin that automates speaker system design for the Community IV6 Modular Vertical Array, the Venue Polar tool quickly and simply determines recommended cabinet quantity, model, frame angle, and more when designing a venue layout.


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