Biamp's latest AV products & technologies

Debuting at ISE 2020, our latest solutions offer expanded functionality for enhanced performance in 2020 and beyond...including innovations from the newest member of the Biamp family, HRT SRL.


Biamp’s latest solutions offer expanded functionality for enhanced performance in 2020.

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b. Compatible

With the advent of TesiraCONNECT TC-5D, designers can easily include Dante devices in their designs, or bridge Biamp media solutions with Dante systems, with zero network configuration required.

b. Composed

Distinguished by its modern design aesthetic, the TEC-X family of control interfaces enable easy programming for presentation spaces and conference rooms via highly intuitive touch capabilities, delivered at the price of a keypad controller.

b. Engaged

Designed for participants and moderators of presentations, lectures, and similar events, Crowd Mics Online removes barriers to effective presentations and participation, helping remote attendees feel fully engaged whether across the hall or around the globe.

b. Versatile

Designed for ease of use from the ground up, The PREZONE2 is a multi-functional stereo preamplifier that allows users to independently control music source selection and volume in two stereo zones, while also supporting two microphones that mix with up to four stereo sources. The PREZONE 2 is ideal for professional audio applications within retail, food service, and hospitality environments.

b. Heard

Providing the highest output, widest bandwidth, and most consistent coverage of any large format point source loudspeaker on the market, The Community LVH-900 Beamforming Venue Horn™ is the only truly arrayable point source solution capable of competing with the acoustic and mechanical flexibility of more expensive line array systems.

b. Organized

The Tesira Event Scheduler allows users to automate processes within Tesira systems, enabling presets to be triggered at predetermined times through the creation of events. A calendar interface accessible via a web browser permits users to set and maintain their own schedules, saving time and money while also making Tesira systems even more flexible.

b. Refined

A smaller footprint, lower cost version of the existing P60DT pendant loudspeaker, the P30DT delivers the same acoustic performance as the CM30DTD in-ceiling loudspeaker. Engineered for retail and hospitality environments, the P30DT’S compact design is perfectly suited for open ceiling applications over a wide variety of spaces.

b. Limitless

Eliminating the existing audio/voice page-length limit, the latest software and firmware updates to our Vocia WS-10/4 and DS-10/4 paging stations now enable infinite length live paging. Other highlights include secure FTP support for third-party files and simplified options for fire panel integration.

b. Free

HRT’s Huddle Hub tool lets devices connect to room peripherals without physical connections, allowing them to display content, launch applications, or collaborate with the UC meeting platform of choice; Huddle Hub Enterprise, the corporate cloud-based version of this technology, enables the creation of smart rooms that exist as permanent virtual meeting places.


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