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Multiple Power Options

front and rear view of voltera A and D

Voltera A Series Amplifiers

The Voltera A Series comprises four half-rack amplifiers with a total power of 300 or 600 watts, delivered by two or four channels in a sleek, compact design. The amplifier channels are extremely flexible in that they can individually be selected to drive either 4 ohm, 8 ohm, 70 V or 100 V, while also supporting power sharing so that up to twice the power can be delivered by any channel. The Voltera A Series is ideal for restaurants, hotels, bars, education, small houses of worship, corporate or other applications where sound distribution or reinforcement is needed. The Voltera 600.2 and 600.4 amplifiers are Energy Star certified, ensuring that these amplifiers consume less power without compromising on their powerful sound distribution and reinforcement capabilities.


  • Half-width design
  • Single or tandem mounting in 1 RU

Easy Installation

  • No software configuration required
  • Plug-and-play simplicity


  • Compatible with a wide variety of third-party speakers
  • Ideal for bars, restaurants, education, small houses of worship, corporate, and other applications
  • Using the included mounting accessories, the halfwidth design allows single or tandem mounting in 1 RU or mounting in a variety of other locations, including under tables, on walls, behind screens/monitors, in ceilings, and on shelves in credenzas

Multiple Power Options

  • Selectable 4 ohm, 8 ohm, 70 V, and 100 V operation
  • Each channel can drive up to twice its rated power

Voltera D Series Amplified Loudspeaker Controllers

Voltera D Series amplified loudspeaker controllers include a powerful onboard DSP, sophisticated tools for tuning rooms, and a host of other one-of-a-kind features that drive reliability and audio performance, as well as space and cost savings. Configurable by either Tesira or Biamp VenueTune software, depending on user preference and audio network protocols, Voltera amplified loudspeaker controllers make setup and use easy as can be. They are ideal for installed sound applications featuring primarily loudspeakers, such as paging, voice reinforcement, and background music in small sports venues and transportation facilities.

VenueTune software provides in-depth control through an intuitive graphical interface, which uses simple 2D floorplans and a phased workflow to guide system designers and installers.


  • Up to 2400 W in single RU
  • 100% software configured through Tesira or VenuTune
  • Each model supports AVB, Dante, and AES67
  • 4-channel models can deliver up to 75% of total power through any single channel
  • 8-channel models can deliver up to 50% of total power through any single channel
  • Each channel can drive low impedance, 70 V or 100 V


  • No central resource to limit system size
  • Onboard processing means system cost scales with power requirements


  • Redundant audio networking with two network ports
  • Comprehensive limiter scheme avoids protective mutes and shutdowns
  • Processor can be sustained through POE – no main power required and no reboots
  • Support for failover-to-analog operation

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