Audio Solutions for Small Conference Rooms

Conference Rooms - Small

Small conference rooms can still have big AV needs. Our products are designed to suit these smaller spaces.

Big sound for small rooms.

A good conferencing solution is vital to every organization, regardless of its size. Small conference rooms are just as important as their larger counterparts, and are ideal for sharing information with groups of four to six people. 

Biamp's value proposition for small conference rooms
Our TesiraFORTÉ devices support standard telephone service or VoIP conferencing, while the USB port enables direct integration with soft codec technologies like Lync, WebEx, or Skype for Business. Add in our superior AEC technology, and TesiraFORTÉ models are built for truly collaborative communication.

Our Devio and Nexia products are also excellent options for small conference rooms, and each family of devices provides a bevy of features to meet any conferencing need.

Product Solutions.


Biamp offers flexible solutions designed to suit conferencing spaces of all sizes, so you can forget about the small room and focus on the big idea.

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