Product Repairs

Product Repairs

Biamp products are designed to work as expected for years. However, if something does go wrong, we're here to help.

If you have a unit in need of repair, please call Support at 1 877.242.6796 (1 877 BIAMP XO) or +1 503.718.9257 from outside the U.S. and Canada. They will either issue you a return authorization (RA) number, or walk you through troubleshooting steps in the event that the problem can be resolved in the field. All items sent in for repair must have an RA number. We cannot guarantee the repair of items without a clearly marked RA number.

After you have received an RA number, package your unit securely. We are not responsible for damage incurred in transit. UPS recommends at least four inches (102mm) of packaging between the unit and box on all sides. Please do not use packing peanuts as they shift in transit. Please place the RA number on the box and/or packing slip and send it to:

10575 SW Cascade Avenue
Tigard, OR 97223 USA

Please refer to our warranty to determine warranty period for our products. The warranty covers parts, labor, and return shipping. The only cost you incur is the shipping costs to us. If your unit is out of warranty, we will contact you with a repair estimate before any work is done.

We only service products that have been manufactured in the last 10 years. Here is a list of model numbers that we currently repair:

Audia (Classic)
Devio CR-1
Devio DCM-1
Devio DTM-1
IWA250 Series
Logic Box

Nexia CS
Nexia PM
Nexia SP
Nexia TC
Nexia VC
Select 8
Tesira AMP-4175R
Tesira AMP-4300R CV
Tesira AMP-4350R
Tesira AMP-8175R
Tesira EX-AEC
Tesira EX-IN
Tesira EX-IO
Tesira EX-MOD
Tesira EX-OUT
Tesira HD-1

Tesira TEC-1i
Tesira TEC-1s
TesiraFORTÉ AI (all models)
TesiraFORTÉ CI (all models)
TesiraFORTÉ TI (all models)
TesiraFORTÉ VI (all models)
TesiraFORTÉ VT (all models)
TesiraFORTÉ VT4 (all models)
TesiraLUX IDH-1
TesiraLUX OH-1
Vocia ANC-1
Vocia CI-1
Vocia DS-4
Vocia DS-10
Vocia ELD-1
Vocia EWS-4
Vocia EWS-10
Vocia GPIO-1
Vocia LSI-16
Vocia LSI-16e
Vocia MS-1/MS-1e
Vocia PLD
Vocia POTS-1
Vocia PSKIT-1
Vocia TTS-1/TTS-1e
Vocia TTS-1nc/TTS-1nce

Vocia VA-2060
Vocia VA-2060e
Vocia VA-2060s
Vocia VA-2060se
Vocia VA-4030
Vocia VA-4030e
Vocia VA-4030s
Vocia VA-4030se
Vocia VA-4300CV
Vocia VA-8150CV
Vocia VA-8600
Vocia VA-8600c
Vocia VAM-1
Vocia VI-6
Vocia VI-8
Vocia VO-4
Vocia VO-4e
Vocia VOIP-1
Vocia VPSI-1
Vocia WR-1
Vocia WS-4
Vocia WS-10
Voltage Control Box
Volume 8
Volume/Select 8

If your unit is not on the list above, we recommend that you take it to your local electronics repair shop.

If you do own one of our older units and would like a manual or need a schematic to repair it, you can download manuals and schematics from our website.

Call us at 1 877.242.6796 (1 877 BIAMP XO) or +1 503.718.9257 from outside the U.S. and Canada and describe your problem. Our support team can help you troubleshoot your problem and determine whether you need to send your unit in for repair. If you do need to send your unit in for repair, they will issue you a return authorization (RA) number for it. Please do not ship the unit until you receive an RA number.

Not currently. Please call our support team to request an RA number. Be sure to put the RA number on the box of your shipped unit and/or packing slip. Please note that if the RA number is not clearly visible on the outside of the package, the package may be refused.

After you receive a return authorization number, make sure you package the unit securely and send it to us by an insured method that you can track. After your unit is repaired, we will return it to you using the same shipping method you used to send it to us. We are not responsible for damage incurred in transit.

We do not charge for repair estimates. We will conduct a thorough check-up of your unit shortly after we receive it, and will call you with an estimate before any work is done to it. If you choose not to have your unit repaired and you want your unit back, we do ask that you pay the shipping charges back to you.

The average turnaround time from when we receive a unit to when it ships back to you is seven to ten working days. If you need it sooner, let us know and we can expedite the repair. If a unit gets shipped to us by an overnight shipping method, it automatically gets marked as a rush repair and work begins on it the same day we receive it.

We do perform out of warranty repairs on units less than 10 years old. Our current labor rate for non-warranty repairs is $80 per hour. Call Support at 1 877.242.6796 (1 877 BIAMP XO) or +1 503.718.9257 from outside the U.S. and Canada to find out if we can repair your unit. Please note that at this time, we can only accept non-warranty repairs from resellers or tax exempt organizations.

No, we only carry parts for units built in the last 10 years. When we built the older products, we mostly used off-the-shelf components. Your local electronics store should have, or can order, parts for these.

You can download schematics and manuals for our older products free of charge from our website. We do not sell or give away schematics for units we are currently manufacturing.

If you have an existing account with us, are tax exempt, or have a reseller's certificate, call us at 1 877.242.6796 (1 877 BIAMP XO) or +1 503.718.9257 from outside the U.S. and Canada and ask for the Service Department. We can give you a quote for the parts you need and enter an order for them. If you are not a reseller or tax exempt entity, you will have to call a Biamp dealer in your area to order parts.

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