TesiraLUX The Absolute Best Product for Audio and Video Networking


The Absolute Best

audio and video networking product on the market.

Here's Why

Faster Installations. Zero Compromises

Tackle your video installations more efficiently, without sacrificing quality or flexibility. TesiraLUX allows you to create powerful, elegant system designs in less time. With TesiraLUX, you’ll have more time on your hands than you ever imagined.

Visualize having more free time.

Stress-Free HDCP

Maintaining HDCP compliance doesn’t have to be so frustrating. To relieve the pain that content restrictions can cause, TesiraLUX now supports HDCP 2.2. With TesiraLUX, you can manage content more easily, because the H in HDCP doesn’t stand for headache.

Learn what HDCP support means for you.

Like a Boss

Good managers know how to delegate, and TesiraLUX is no exception. It offers the fastest switching speed between content sources in the industry. No other product is capable of such efficient content management.

See for yourself.

Sync or Swim

Audio and video streams typically have significant differences in latency, so maintaining lip sync can be challenging. Luckily, Tesira’s built-in processing algorithms manage the entire audio and video signal path for you.

See TesiraLUX’s robust lip sync in action.

It only looks expensive

Budgets aren’t always a bad thing. When it comes to networking, bandwidth is a finite resource. TesiraLUX can help manage your bandwidth budget and deliver the wow factor when and where it’s needed most.

Experience the wow factor.

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