Biamp November 2023 Newsletter
New Project Designer Release Enables Easy Integration with UC Meeting Room Computes, and More
With the latest release of Project Designer, you are ready to integrate Biamp room control with your favorite UC meeting room computes. Project Designer 1.35 has been released along with the Biamp UC Connect, a Microsoft Teams Room plugin that makes it easy to add room control functions to your Microsoft Teams Room UCC. Simply install the plugin on your Microsoft Teams Room UCC, add the IP address of your Impera controller, and click connect. Now you’re ready to add room controls to your project.

Project Designer also simplifies configuring room control for Microsoft Teams Rooms. With the 1.35 release, Project Designer now includes a new Microsoft Teams Room theme so your room controls match your meeting controls, for an elegant, unified user interface.

Now adding room controls to Microsoft Teams Rooms and Zoom Rooms is easier than ever. More details about adding Impera room control to your Microsoft Teams Room UCC can be found in this article. If your project involves Zoom Rooms UCCs, you can find integration instructions here.

This latest Project Designer release also adds or enhances important features across the Impera product family. You can now configure the Apprimo Touch 8i to be hosted by an Impera Tango. It also adds native expansion bus (NEB), IR learning and enhanced live monitoring capabilities to the Impera Tango.

For the latest capabilities and best performance of your control systems, be sure to keep your Project Designer software up to date. Download Project Designer 1.35 today.
New Options and Certifications Now Available For Desono DX-S5 and S8
Two recent milestones have made our best-selling Desono DX-S5 and DX-S8 surface-mount loudspeakers even more flexible.

U-bracket option

Until now the DX-S5 and DX-S8 loudspeakers have only shipped with the ClickMount bracket, but now they can be ordered with either U-brackets or ClickMounts — at no additional cost. The added convenience provided by the U-bracket option is something no other loudspeaker manufacturer offers and gives integrators more mounting flexibility, making our DX-S5 and DX-S8 loudspeakers easier to install and more affordable than competitors’ comparable offerings. This new offering also means less waste and more convenience thanks to installers no longer having to dispose of unneeded ClickMount brackets.

When ordering, buyers can choose either the DX-S5-UB and DX-S8-UB versions that ship with the U-bracket (which also includes the convenient ClickPlug) or the version that includes a ClickMount bracket.

UL 1480A certification

The UL 1480A certification permits the DX-S5 and DX-S8 loudspeakers to be used in code-required commercial and professional applications, giving contractors a high-quality option without the expense and hassle of filing for a code variance.

All models of the Desono DX-S5 and DX-S8 are now shipping. Contact Biamp Sales to get your order in today!
The Ultimate AV Revit Library
We are excited to announce that recent updates have resulted in the most comprehensive Revit library in the AV market. Additions include Voltera amplifiers; CM10TB, DC220T, EN54-24 loudspeakers; and the Parlé VBC 2500a conferencing bar – including all mounting brackets.

Revit building information modeling (BIM) software fosters collaboration by creating a unified modeling environment for all architecture, engineering, and construction disciplines. The all-inclusive library of Biamp products gives integrators yet another resource to streamline the development of comprehensive Biamp solutions for any environment.

You’ll find easy access to all available Revit-BIM files in the following sections of

Optimizing Communications in Transportation: Vocia from Biamp
In the bustling world of transportation, where every second counts and safety is paramount, seamless communication is not just a luxury but a necessity. The Vocia voice communications platform from Biamp is a game-changer in transportation facilities, ensuring efficient communication that keeps operations smooth and passengers safe.

Transportation hubs, whether airports, train stations, or bus terminals, are often bustling with activity. In such environments, clear communication is crucial. The Vocia platform from Biamp delivers crystal-clear audio quality, ensuring that announcements are heard distinctly even amidst the chaos. Whether it’s boarding calls, emergency alerts, or general announcements, Vocia ensures that every message is conveyed with utmost clarity.

All in all, Vocia is about revolutionizing communication in transportation facilities. By providing clarity in chaos and failsafe redundancy, and through enabling precise messaging and delivering scalability, the Vocia voice communications platform is at the forefront of transforming transportation facilities into efficient, safe, and passenger-friendly spaces.
Experience Extraordinary Audiovisual Solutions from Biamp at ISE 2024
If you’ll be attending ISE 2024 in Barcelona, please join us at booth 3D100 to experience our latest industry-leading audiovisual solutions.

With 45+ years of AV leadership, Biamp delivers truly extraordinary experiences across the following solution categories:

  • Conferencing
  • Installed Sound
  • Control
  • Sound Reinforcement
  • Networked Video Distribution
  • Networked Paging and Voice Evacuation
  • Sound Masking and Speech Privacy
  • Audience Engagement
  • Scheduling

Enter code D4P58SNY to register for free as our guest using the link below.

We can’t wait to see you there!
Loudspeaker Solutions Design Services from Biamp
Biamp’s team of skilled Loudspeaker Solutions Applications Engineers provide EASE sound system design for projects including sports venues, houses of worship, auditoria, theme parks, worship facilities and convention centers. Team members provide technical support and product suggestions to Biamp dealers, distributors, and end users worldwide. For more information or to get started with assistance on your next project, visit the Loudspeaker Design Request page.
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Biamp Loudspeaker Demo
Las Vegas, NV - December 5
National Athletic Directors Conference
Orlando, FL - December 15-19 - Booth #106 
Integrated Systems Europe
Barcelona - January 30 to February 2 - Booth 3D100 
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