Biamp October 2023 Newsletter
New Metric-Sized Drop-In Ceiling Loudspeaker Now Shipping!
The metric-sized DC220T-M provides high quality paging and consistent coverage when easy installation, price, and performance are paramount. The 165 mm DC220T-M full-range loudspeaker delivers high sensitivity and wider coverage than competitive products. It installs extremely quickly and provides uniform coverage with excellent sonic properties.

The preassembled construction allows for swift placement in standard 600 mm x 600 mm ceiling grids, significantly reducing installation labor time. Additionally, the DC220T-M can be used in larger 600 mm x 1200 mm rectangular ceiling grids with the included cross-T rails. The included wire nuts facilitate easy 2-conductor connections.

UL1480A and UL2043 certified, the DC220T-M comes with additional accessories for new construction installation and safety cable attachment.

The DC220T-M offers the flexibility of low impedance or 70 V/100 V operation while featuring a wattage selector switch for convenient adjustment of tap levels.

New Warehouse Designer Tool Now Available!
Introducing Warehouse Designer, the latest tool in a suite of complimentary online resources from Biamp that redefines project-planning simplicity.

Warehouse Designer software gives our AV integrator partners the easiest and most intuitive tool for planning loudspeaker deployments in all types of warehouse facilities regardless of size and complexity.

Answer just a few basic questions using the intuitive user interface and let Warehouse Designer do the rest. This new tool helps even those with limited loudspeaker expertise quickly determine estimated product and budgetary needs across multiple warehouse scenarios. It’s the fastest and easiest way to create initial project estimates for refinement by the Biamp design team.

If you need help planning and estimating loudspeaker installations for your end-user customers, now is the time to take advantage of Warehouse Designer from Biamp.

The 2023 Biamp Conferencing Tech Survey Report: The Return to the Office is Hybrid but Equal
Although more and more office workers are returning to the traditional office environment in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, how we work has fundamentally shifted. Even for those who have transitioned back to the office full time, the ability to work from anywhere remains a necessity, especially while traveling or for those based in satellite offices, at least for part of the time.

Known as the hybrid work environment, it is defined as where work is completed, either in the office, at home, somewhere else such as a coffee shop or shared workspace, or on the go. Facilitating this movement is the technology by which disparate workers across various physical locations and spaces stay connected, productive, and in sync. Today, most office workers are leveraging unified communication (UC) platforms, especially for conferencing, including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, WebEx, and more. Furthermore, the environment and peripheral hardware and software leveraged, especially for video conferencing scenarios, also plays a significant role in how productive employees can be within hybrid work setups.

To understand the trends and issues affecting the return to the office, Biamp recently conducted a survey across North America and Europe with 2,400 participants. The respondents were divided into two groups: non-managerial “end users” of conferencing technology and those considered “decision makers“ who set the course for a given organization across human resources, technology, and operations management.

To read the Key Takeaways, click the link below.
AI Noise Reduction 2.0 in Biamp Launch and Tesira Software, Plus Dante Upgrade
Now available for download, Tesira 4.7.0 software delivers major enhancements to our already extraordinary AI Noise Reduction feature.

Thanks to additional training of our AI algorithm, vocal clarity is significantly increased while background noise is more effectively removed in large spaces.

With this upgrade, programmers can now unleash even greater AI Noise Reduction power across all Tesira system designs that feature Biamp Launch, our game-changing, one-button audio optimization technology. This new software lets you custom-configure noise reduction and reverb levels through an independent Tesira programming block—delivering even greater control in the most challenging acoustical environments, such as conference rooms, paging systems, and presentation spaces.

Download Tesira 4.7.0 software now and start benefitting from these amazing new features:

  • Independent AI Noise Reduction block for configuration layouts using TesiraFORTÉ X
  • Greater control over AI’s trained neutral profiles with advanced dial-in adjustments of noise reduction and deverberation
  • Any network or analog microphone input can now utilize AI Noise Reduction and deverberation

Also available for immediate download, Tesira 4.7.0 firmware provides powerful enhancements for select DSPs:

  • Upgraded AI Noise Reduction 2.0 in Biamp Launch on TesiraFORTÉ X
  • Upgraded to Dante version on TesiraFORTÉ X, TesiraFORTÉ DAN (Rev. B and newer) and TesiraCONNECT TC-5D
  • Numerous additional updates and bug fixes – please read the release notes for complete details

Take advantage of our latest Tesira software and firmware releases to deliver an even higher level of Biamp’s renowned AI Noise Reduction functionality to your customers.

Revolutionizing Office Efficiency:
A Closer Look at Evoko’s Scheduling Solutions
Efficient resource management is crucial for any organization’s success. So, to help our integrator partners provide end-to-end conferencing solutions to their end-users, Biamp recently acquired Evoko, a company that’s been at the forefront of revolutionizing office efficiency with its extraordinary scheduling solutions.

Evoko streamlines the process of booking meeting rooms and shared desk spaces. With sleek, user-friendly touchscreen panels, employees can easily check room availability, reserve spaces, and extend or end meetings—all at the tap of a finger. This simplicity saves valuable time and reduces scheduling conflicts, leading to more productive workdays.
Explore Extraordinary New Additions to Biamp City
Biamp City lets you explore how our products work together, in a wide variety of settings and configurations, to connect people through extraordinary audiovisual experiences.

Take a tour and experience our latest Biamp City additions, including industry leading UC compute and control solutions, plus even more of our bestselling conferencing bars.
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Event or Tradeshow

Date, Location & Booth Number

Rocky Mountain Audio Video ExpoDenver, CO - October 18-19 - Booth 602
Boston Symco Technology ShowcaseBurlington, MA - October 19
Microsoft Teams Community RoadshowNew York, NY - October 25
InfoComm IndiaMumbai, IN - October 25-27 - Booth G10
CoreNet Global SummitDenver, CO - October 28-30 - Booth 438
Angel of Light Immersive ExperienceLos Angeles, CA - thru October 31 - sound provided by Biamp
Biamp Loudspeaker DemoLas Vegas, NV - December 5
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