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Biamp June 2021 Newsletter
TEC-X Control Pads Now Shipping!
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Distinguished by its modern design aesthetic, the TEC-X™ family of control interfaces enables easy programming for presentation spaces and conference rooms via highly intuitive touch capabilities, delivered at the price of a keypad controller. 

All TEC-X models are PoE-powered and daisy chainable, greatly reducing cabling requirements and installation time. In addition, they support all TTP commands and can be quickly programmed and customized within Tesira software as the needs of the room change over time, making TEC-X a very flexible and cost effective control solution.
Biamp’s Community LVH-900 Tour
Join us for Biamp’s Community™ LVH-900 tour in Aston, PA on July 28 and 29. Experience live audio demonstrations of Biamp’s loudspeakers throughout the day. We are offering two days of an open house style listening format with 90-minute sessions.

  • Featuring live demos of the Community LVH-900 Beamforming Venue Horn!
  • Other audio demonstrations will include Community I Series and Desono™ EX Series
  • Food, fun, prizes and extraordinary audio!
July 28 and 29, 2021
Sun Center Studios
Aston, PA
9:30AM, 11:00AM, 12:30PM, 2:00PM
Biamp Conferencing Solutions Now Certified for Zoom
Biamp conference room solutions are are now certified by Zoom and deliver truly extraordinary communication with unparalleled ease of management. The certification covers our complete room solutions including TesiraFORTE™ signal processors, Parlé™ Beamtracking Microphones and powerful PoE-powered amplifiers. We have certified solutions serving medium and large conference rooms. Engineered to optimize productivity, our products provide seamless audiovisual experiences for meeting spaces of all sizes.
Biamp Now Offers a 5-Year Warranty
on All Products*
Biamp is pleased to announce that we now offer a five-year warranty on all our products effective June 1. This change affects Crowd Mics™ ATOMs, Devio™ SCR-20 and SCR-25, Modena™ (all models), and Vocia™ MS-1e and TTS-1e. In addition, we are retroactively applying the extended warranty to products sold previously. Please contact our Technical Support team if you have questions regarding the warranty status of your products.
*Community loudspeakers constructed entirely of PolyGlas are still covered by a 15-year warranty on the structural integrity of the enclosure.
Biamp Hires Charlie Hughes as Principal Engineer
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Biamp has appointed Charlie Hughes as Principal Engineer within the company’s fast growing Electroacoustics division. A pioneer in loudspeaker development and measurement methods, Hughes now leads Biamp’s acoustic design across a wide range of professional applications, amplifying Biamp’s focus on producing high-quality loudspeakers with premium performance.

“Nearly two years after our acquisition of Community Loudspeakers and Apart Audio, our line of loudspeakers has expanded to include audio solutions for a full range of venues, including application-driven loudspeakers with precision coverage and premium sound quality,” said Jason Damori, VP of Engineering at Biamp. “Biamp is committed to providing best in class audio solutions for demanding environments, and we are thrilled to welcome Charlie Hughes to help us further this mission.”
Effective Sound Masking Coverage
If you were tasked with installing office lighting, would you save a few bucks by specifying fewer fixtures and thereby creating a workplace environment with annoyingly inconsistent lighting? Probably not.

But sound masking system designers sometimes under-specify the number of loudspeakers needed to achieve a uniform masking system. And while it’s true that fewer loudspeakers means a lower cost, it also means poor sound masking performance.

Learn More about proper sound masking coverage in our latest blog post.
Design Guide Spotlight 
Hybrid Meeting Room with Modena
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Biamp’s Modena family of wireless presentation systems enhances any meeting space allowing users to stop wasting time and start collaborating. In the hybrid meeting room use case Modena serves as a bring your own meeting add-on for a space that also includes a UC room solution, useful when you have a need to hold a meeting on a platform other than the one installed in the room.
Upcoming Webinars
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Biamp is focused on providing high-quality online training and educational resources. Here is a sampling of our upcoming webinars; and don’t forget to explore our extensive online training resources.
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