Cambridge Qt X
The Industry’s Most Flexible Sound Masking Solution

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Cambridge Qt X sound masking reduces noise distractions, increases speech privacy, improves office comfort, and enhances workplace productivity – all with a single unified solution.

The Cambridge Qt X Lineup:
Qt X 300/300D | Qt X 600/600D | Qt X 800/800D | Qt X 805/805D

One Platform, Many Solutions

The Cambridge Qt X platform enables sound masking for any environment – regardless of a facility’s architecture – plus seamless integration with background music and paging sources, including NPX and Vocia from Biamp.

Unparalleled Versatility

The Qt X series is engineered to address end users’ unique architectural and acoustical variables by controlling both direct and indirect installations on a single network.

Ultimate Simplicity

With four core controllers, two audio transports (AVB or Dante®) , and one common web interface, Qt X greatly simplifies the system-design process and end user management.

Image of Qt X Sound Masking System with Emitters

Future Flexibility

Qt X technology’s advanced system architecture meets today’s demands while providing simple scalability for tomorrow’s requirements.

Seamless Compatibility

Qt X uses standard Ethernet hardware and core components interconnected using the same networking standards businesses use today. Gone are the days of proprietary network connections, special cable types, and multiple hardware modules.

Enterprise-Class Security

Network security features include IEEE 802.1X authentication, TLS encryption, no open network ports, and compatibility with Dante Domain Manager security.

Benefits of Sound Masking

Sound masking promotes speech privacy and prevents accidental listening, creating more productive workspaces that allow employees to focus on the task at hand.

Reduce Office Noise Distractions

Open offices are great for collaboration, but offer almost no speech privacy and are full of distractions.

Protect Speech Privacy in the Workplace

People with a lack of speech privacy are overhearing lots of conversations that they shouldn’t be, which interferes with their internal monologue and makes it difficult to concentrate.

Improve Workplace Acoustics

Provide more functional, productive, and acoustically comfortable working environments with sound masking solutions.

How is Sound Masking Deployed?

Direct Sound Masking

Indirect Sound Masking

GIF animation of Direct Sound Masking

Direct Features

  • Adds low-level, continuous sound directly into the environment
  • Superior uniformity
  • Customizable to fit the specific needs of each space
  • Uses visible loud speakers (emitters)

GIF of Indirect Sound Masking

Indirect Features

  • Uses the structure of the building to reflect sound waves and reduce noise
  • Sound generators are placed in the plenum, making it an invisible solution
  • Creates a uniform sound field throughout the space
  • Ideal for spaces with high ceilings or open floor plans where visible speakers are not desired

Qt X Sound Masking Solution Components

Image representing Qt X Sound Masking Solution Components

Common Placements and Uses of Sound Masking

Image representing Qt X Sound Masking Applications

Sound Masking Resources


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Frequently Asked Questions

Recognizing the growing emphasis on health and wellness in the workplace, Biamp has developed solutions specifically designed to enhance the physical and mental well-being of employees. Our sound masking technologies, for example, play a critical role in reducing distracting noise, thereby minimizing stress and improving concentration and privacy. Furthermore, our audiovisual solutions are designed to facilitate clearer communication, reducing the strain of poorly conducted meetings and enhancing the overall sense of connection and collaboration among workers. By prioritizing these aspects, Biamp contributes to creating healthier work environments that support employees' well-being and productivity.
Biamp is deeply committed to enhancing the safety and security of facilities through advanced technology. Our voice communication systems are designed with the utmost reliability and clarity in mind, ensuring that in the event of an emergency, clear and comprehensible instructions can be communicated swiftly across the entire facility. Our Vocia platform, in particular, exemplifies this commitment. It is a networked, EN 54-certified voice evacuation system that ensures messages are delivered reliably and coherently in critical situations. By integrating such technologies into facility management strategies, Biamp helps ensure that building occupants are better protected and that facility managers are equipped with effective tools for emergency preparedness and response.
As the trend toward hybrid work models continues to grow, Biamp is dedicated to ensuring that both remote and in-office employees can communicate effectively, without barriers. Our conferencing and collaboration solutions are engineered to deliver high-quality audio and video, ensuring that virtual meetings are as productive and engaging as in-person interactions. By facilitating seamless integration with popular conferencing platforms, Biamp's technology supports a fluid hybrid work environment where employees can connect, collaborate, and contribute from anywhere. This adaptability not only enhances productivity but also supports the well-being of employees by offering them the flexibility to work in ways that best suit their needs and preferences.

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