Biamp's Tesira TCM Beamtracking Microphones - TCM Conferencing Basics

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Hearing is believing


Think outside the box.

There is a lot to consider when deploying a conference room system. Especially if you have an odd-sized or acoustically challenging room. Biamp’s Beamtracking microphones come with preconfigured settings that automatically adjust to conference rooms of any shape or size, making installations easy and efficient.

Start making life easier.

Invisibility cloak.

Our microphones won’t steal the show because your meeting technology should never be at the top of your mind (or on your mind at all). Biamp’s microphones create an environment where great meetings are not only possible, but expected.

Make it all disappear

Get a move on.

Research shows that brain function improves when you get up and get moving. Don’t let your conferencing technology keep you stuck in your chair. Our Beamtracking mics are smart enough to keep up as you move around the room, making sure every word is heard.

Bring on the brainstorming.

As good as being there.

Our conferencing mics deliver what the competition can’t. Dynamic voice tracking that picks up every word. With no more clipped speech or crippling echoes, you’ll won’t miss a single scrap of information. You might even think it’s TMI.

Hear it. Believe it.

You're Being Followed.

Thanks to Beamtracking technology, your conference calls are supported with superior audio and 360-degree room coverage. No matter where you are in the room, our mic will find you. It’s not a creepy as is sounds.

Trust us.