Tesira 3.9

AES67 Interoperability

If there's something our customers want — in this case, AES67 support — we make it happen.

Now, all of our Dante-enabled Tesira devices (DAN-1 card, TesiraFORTE DAN AI/DAN CI/DAN VT/DAN VT4) are interoperable in accordance with AES67. More information about AES67 interoperability is available on Cornerstone.

FIR Filter Visualization

Now you can use the Transfer Function block to see how
a FIR filter is impacting the audio signal.

HD-1 Enhancements

There's so many new features it's hard to choose where to start, so we completely re-vamped our HD-1 article on Cornerstone to go into greater depth on all of the new bits.

  • Mute and soft buttons can be set up as room controls
  • Users can create or delete speed dial numbers from the keypad
  • Assignable level control
  • The option to add a room’s name or dial-in number
  • An information screen is shown when the device is unconfigured
  • And much more