Biamp Systems Cleans Up Audio in the Bureau of Justice of Shenzhen China with Audia™

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Apr 5, 2005

Biamp Systems Cleans Up Audio in the Bureau of Justice of Shenzhen China with Audia™

Underscoring its ability to provide a cost effective, advanced digital audio platform that solves both logistic and sonic challenges, Biamp Systems announced that it had supplied two Audia® systems to China's Bureau of Justice of Shenzhen Municipality. Biamp's local representative, Melody Shenzhen, provided the Audia systems along with a VRAM and a V8 remote.

"In facilities like the new Bureau of Justice, ease of use and audio quality are critical due to the importance of the dialog taking place," said Graeme Harrison, VP of International Sales, Biamp. "With Audia systems being both easy to use while offering high level digital performance, the choice for this vital installation was clear."

Since the nature of the audio content is of a legal stature, clarity was of utmost importance In addition, being installed in a Bureau of Justice meant there wouldn't always be trained audio technicians available, so the processing had to solve both problems while accommodating multiple rooms simultaneously. The first phase of the installation has three small boardroom/meeting rooms and a larger room akin to a conference room. The second phase will begin soon with an additional three conference rooms that Audia will scale to easily.

In the first phase, the three small boardrooms each use an AudiaSOLO 12 x 4. In each of the three rooms there are 10 boundary microphones used and one handheld wireless microphone, which required feedback suppression being programmed into the system. This was easily accomplished with the AudiaSOLO and its user-friendly interface. There is an industry standard remote panel as well as a Biamp Systems V8 remote for adjustment of eight selectable Audia volumes.

There is also one large conference room that employs 26 boundary microphones. In this system, the Bureau of Justice has chosen to use a Biamp VRAM with an AudiaFLEX to be able to cover all the automatic mixing and mix minus for the microphones. VRAM is a 10 input/2 output automatic mixer that is tamper proof with no external controls. All mixer parameters are under microprocessor control and programmable via Windows software.

Officials at the Shenzhen facility have been pleased with the system's performance. "With the new Audia digital system installed, howling noise is never a problem," Bureau Director, Mr. Shi commented. "The quality of sound processing has also helped a great deal to improve our working efficiency."

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