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Tesira AMP-450P Amplifier

Our PoE+ conferencing amplifier is well-suited for ceiling speakers, program speakers, and mix-minus systems. Don't let the PoE+ mislead you — this amplifier can get loud. With burst technology built in, the AMP-450P also supports sudden increases in volume or activity.

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Tesira TCM-1A Microphone

Our beamtracking microphone actively tracks and mixes conversations from around the table, allowing far-end conference participants to experience the conversation naturally. The 2-channel PoE+ amplifier includes an innovative burst power mode to handle peak english.

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TesiraFORTE AVB VT4 Digital Signal Processor

Specifically designed for spaces that require less analog I/O. TesiraFORTE AVB VT4 offers all of the processing power of a traditional TesiraForte without the extra I/O cost. It also supports VoIP, POTS, and USB conferencing in a single chassis for maximum flexibility.

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Conference Rooms: Where Great Stories Unfold

The AV experience plays a significant role in elevating rooms from good enough to great. At Biamp, we want your conference rooms to tell great stories. That's why we created three new all-digital audio solutions, allowing you to choose only the products you need. At the heart of the Biamp conference room are three key components: a microphone, an amplifier, and DSP.

While each element is powerful in its own right, the combination of all three devices inside a self-contained Biamp ecosystem is what sets our AV experiences apart for the end user. Choosing this combination provides the following benefits to the integrator:

  • Reduced programming time
  • Reduced installation time
  • Equipment cost savings
  • Exceptional conferencing experiences for your customers


Microphones: Tesira TCM-1, TCM-1A, and TCM-1EX

  • No setup or adjustments to beamtracking settings are required
  • Each mic only uses a single channel of AEC
  • Three 120-degree zones for 360 degrees of coverage
  • Multiple mics can be daisy-chained (2 with Devio, 3 with Tesira)*
  • Suitable for use in air handling spaces, such as drop ceilings


Amplifiers: Tesira TCM-1A and AMP-450P

  • Powered by PoE+, with internal power draw protection
  • Burst power mode to handle peak signals
  • Fanless operation
  • Software-selectable power versus channel count
  • Suitable for use in air handling spaces, such as drop ceilings


Digital Signal Processor: TesiraFORTÉ AVB VT4

  • All the DSP power of a traditional TesiraFORTÉ, without the unused I/O cost
  • 4 analog inputs and 4 analog outputs
  • Fanless operation
  • 4 channels of AEC
  • VoIP, POTS, and USB in a single chassis



What is Beamtracking Technology?

Beamforming microphones are arrays of microphone elements with “beams” (polar patterns) that can be controlled and shaped via DSP, allowing the beams to be “aimed” at specific areas of the room. While the development of beamforming microphones has been a significant advancement for professional AV, the fact remains that the beams determine where people should be. We think this is the wrong way around. Instead, we think people should determine where the beams are directed.


A Biamp room emphasizes the user experience—not just with the technology itself, but also with how people interact with it. That’s why we give people the ability to move around the room as they see fit, not as the microphone dictates. 


Beamtracking technology differs from beamforming in that it allows a single microphone to cover a wide area with little to no setup, since the microphone identifies and locks to a signal source—even if the person speaking is moving around. Our beamtracking microphones also intelligently mix conversations from around the table, allowing far-end conference participants to experience a more natural-sounding conversation. The patented interactions between our AEC and beamtracking algorithms dynamically adjust the output in real-time to ensure far-end echo is minimized.




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