Highly Reliable
Highly Reliable
Exceptional Audio
Exceptional Audio

Vocia meets modern paging demands now and well into the future

Highly Reliable

  • Decentralized network
  • No single point of system failure
  • Active monitoring and reporting
  • Compliant with international safety standards
  • Covered by Biamp Systems’ five-year warranty
  • Worldwide technical support


Exceptional Audio

  • Ambient noise reduction for main gathering areas
  • Superior clarity and intelligibility
  • Integrated DSP


  • Easy integration with other systems
  • Can connect to existing fire panels
  • No new wiring required
  • Manage all Vocia devices via Ethernet
  • Meets customers’ needs now and well into the future



  • Software-based zone definition allows easy changes or additions
  • Ability to target pages to a specific audience
  • Supports CobraNet®, VoIP, POTS, PoE, PBX, and TTS
  • No special engineering or customization needed
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Vocia is a powerful emergency communication and paging system, ensuring your messages are heard and understood.

Vocia is a highly reliable solution that provides excellent audio quality while managing all your paging, background music, and emergency communication requirements. It is powerful, scalable, and flexible, and can meet a facility's needs well into the future. Vocia's clarity and intelligibility are just some of the features that make this platform so special. Vocia not only gets messages where they need to go, but also ensures everyone can hear and understand those messages.

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From everyday life, to changing lives, to saving lives—let your voice be heard with Vocia.

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