Sound Reinforcement

Sound Reinforcement

Powerful tools for creating innovative and efficient sound reinforcement systems in a variety of spaces.


Challenging acoustic environments make effective sound reinforcement even more crucial.

Many historic venues, retrofitted structures, houses of worship, and other longstanding buildings were not designed with amplified audio in mind. These facilities often have reflective surfaces or constraints on microphone and loudspeaker placement due to architectural or aesthetic reasons, which can make it difficult for guests, students, or parishioners to hear the intended message from certain areas of the room. 

Biamp's value proposition for sound reinforcement
Networked Media Systems featuring Biamp's Tesira platform are an excellent choice for sound reinforcement applications for several reasons. Because Networked Media Systems are Ethernet-based, only one cable is required for media network connectivity, minimizing the number of cables needed. This is particularly useful for retrofits and historic venues, where storage space is limited and retaining the facility's aesthetic qualities is imperative. 

Sound reinforcement should also be considered for training rooms, lecture halls, hospitality venues, newly-built houses of worship, and performing arts venues. Regardless of the venue type, advanced software capabilities like dynamic processing and auto mixers function like an autopilot for your audio system, eliminating the need to manually adjust room levels. 

Product Solutions.


Biamp's Tesira family can provide sound reinforcement and DSP for venues of all sizes and functions. 

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