VoIP and POTS Conferencing

VoIP/POTS Conferencing

Whether you're using VoIP, POTS, or a combination, we have flexible solutions to suit your specific conferencing needs.

  • Our Support Team Has Extensive VoIP Experience

    Our Support Team Has
    Extensive VoIP Experience

  • We Invested 200+ Hours To Develop Our VoIP Training

    It Took 200+ Hours To
    Create Our VoIP Training

  • VoIP Integration Is Available In Both Tesira And Vocia

    VoIP Integration Is Available
    In Both Tesira And Vocia

  • One Dedicated VoIP Field Sales Engineer

    Dedicated VoIP
    Field Sales Engineer

We’ve been working with VoIP technology for years, and know how to avoid the pitfalls.

Crisp, clear audio with conversations as real and pure as if everyone is in the room with you. That's what you want. Like any communication technology, VoIP/POTS is about connection. Whether you’re calling a satellite office across town or you need to contact your company’s headquarters in Beijing, VoIP/POTS technology makes it possible.

Biamp's value proposition for VoIP/POTS conferencing
Biamp’s VoIP devices have certifications from Cisco, ShoreTel, Avaya, and Mitel, and are compatible with Lync Enterprise Voice and Skype for Business. Our products utilize SIP 2.0 to communicate with SIP 2.0-based VoIP servers, and while SIP is a standard protocol, there are many differences in the way it's implemented by VoIP providers. We've spent years navigating the trials and tribulations of SIP implementations, and we're keen to share our hard-earned knowledge to help you avoid headaches.

For customers with installations that do not support VoIP, Biamp offers equivalent products that are compatible with POTS conferencing devices. In addition, the Tesira HD-1 Dialer supports both VoIP and POTS systems. Explore our VoIP and POTS conferencing options to determine the best fit for your needs.

Cloud-based VoIP systems
Cloud-based VoIP providers may involve additional requirements to account for, particularly in the areas of firewall and NAT traversal. Please see our cloud-based VoIP FAQ for more information on ways to mitigate some of the challenges.

Product Solutions.


Tesira, TesiraFORTE, Nexia, and Audia offer robust solutions for both VoIP and POTS conferencing.  Audio solutions using VoIP can be challenging, complex, and time-consuming to design and install. Equipped with AEC, VoIP, and POTS technologies, and compatible with soft codecs, Biamp products were born for conferencing.


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