Vocia meets modern paging demands now and well into the future.

  • Highly Reliable

    Highly Reliable

  • Exceptional Audio

    Exceptional Audio

  • Scalable


  • Flexible


Product Highlights

Highly Reliable

  • Decentralized network
  • No single point of system failure
  • Active monitoring and reporting
  • Compliant with international safety standards
  • Covered by Biamp Systems’ five-year warranty
  • Worldwide technical support


Exceptional Audio

  • Ambient noise reduction for main gathering areas
  • Superior clarity and intelligibility
  • Integrated DSP


  • Easy integration with other systems
  • Can connect to existing fire panels
  • No new wiring required
  • Manage all Vocia devices via Ethernet
  • Meets customers’ needs now and well into the future



  • Software-based zone definition allows easy changes or additions
  • Ability to target pages to a specific audience
  • Supports CobraNet®, VoIP, POTS, PoE, PBX, and TTS
  • No special engineering or customization needed

Product Platform.


Vocia is a powerful emergency communication and paging system, ensuring your messages are heard and understood.

Vocia is a highly reliable solution that provides excellent audio quality while managing all your paging, background music, and emergency communication requirements. It is powerful, scalable, and flexible, and can meet a facility’s needs well into the future. Vocia’s clarity and intelligibility are just some of the features that make this platform so special. Vocia not only gets messages where they need to go, but also ensures everyone can hear and understand those messages.


Multipurpose paging systems you can trust.

Vocia was designed to meet the exacting specification and requirements demanded of professional-grade, multipurpose paging systems and provide a futureproof solution.

Stations that serve international destinations may have the need for paging in multiple languages. Vocia’s text-to-speech can handle multiple languages, and the system can disperse these messages to multiple zones and locations. When ambient noise fluctuates on the platform or in the central hallway, Vocia’s ANC-1 can automatically adjust paging volume accordingly. In addition, Vocia also has the ability to interface with the Transit Management Database, allowing announcements from other systems.


Classrooms, administrative offices, hallways, and designated employee lounges require different audio capabilities. An integrated communication and emergency system provides the utmost dependability, ensuring clear communication and security for staff and students. Vocia can perform a number of standard functions for day-to-day activities such as morning announcements and live paging, and can be integrated into the school bell system. Vocia supports multiple paging options as well as prerecorded, scheduled, and VoIP paging. Zoned paging allows school administrators to distribute messages to specific areas of the campus as needed, rather than disturbing the entire student body. In addition, Vocia manages any background music the school administrators wish to play.


For facilities requiring emergency paging and voice evacuation technology, Vocia allows emergency personnel and other designated individuals to communicate quickly and easily in the event of an emergency. Vocia also provides zoned paging to direct messages to the areas where they are needed, without disturbing workers in other parts of a courthouse or government campus.


A quieter healing environment contributes to faster recovery for patients. That’s where Vocia’s Ambient Noise Compensation (ANC) technology comes in. Integrating paging with ambient noise compensation allows the paging volume to adjust automatically to the space’s ambient volume, ensuring pages are audible and intelligible, without unnecessary disruption of the healing process. Our Vocia platform also performs a number of standard communication functions for day-to-day hospital activities in each department, from nurse call announcements to paging to emergency communications. Because different floors and departments have particular needs, Vocia supports zoned paging to communicate exactly where the messages are needed without disrupting other areas of the medical center. 


Vocia Technology.

Vocia:  Working hard behind the scenes so you don’t have to.

Whether it’s supporting general and emergency paging in a corporate campus, or alerting travelers to a platform change at a train station, Vocia is working hard so you don’t have to. Vocia uses standard IP technologies such as VoIP and integrates with existing IP networks for mutli-site installations.


    Biamp has built its reputation on great sound. It’s been our business for 40+ years. Our technology allows conversation to flow naturally and be heard, whether you are communicating on a conference call, in a lecture hall, or in a courtroom.


    Networked Media Systems (NMS) are the natural evolution away from isolated systems, and are designed to maximize system resources while simplifying system administration. Our Tesira and Vocia DSP platforms support a number of different NMS configurations, allowing us to effectively support a wide range of installation use cases.


    Ambient Noise Compensation (ANC) technology allows the volume of overhead pages and announcements to be adjusted automatically up or down based on real-time background (ambient) noise levels.


    Vocia offers software-based zoned paging, allowing facility operators to send targeted pages to specific areas affected by the information, without disrupting unaffected areas or costly rewiring.


    Our Vocia platform includes several options for comprehensive system monitoring and reporting that can be customized based on your project’s needs.

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