Biamp Systems and Melody Changsha Install First Nexia In China As Government Offices Embrace The Technology

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Apr 22, 2005

Biamp Systems and Melody Changsha Install First Nexia In China As Government Offices Embrace The Technology

Highlighting its ability to provide demanding new installations throughout the world with cutting edge audio technology at reasonable cost, Biamp Systems announced that six Nexia™ systems have been installed at TianXin district government offices inside Changsha City in China. Local Biamp Systems provider, Melody won the bid from the government after being able to demonstrate the cost effective power of the Nexia system.

Deng Jun, Manager of Melody Changsha Company noted that it was the availability of Nexia that won the bid. "We are very glad to be the first one to use the new Nexia product in China," he said. "Its low cost and advanced technology purposely tailored for the meeting and conference application made it the ideal solution. Plus it has almost the processing power of its big brother, Audia."

As part of the well-documented growth in China, local governments are expanding and upgrading their facilities. Authorities in the TianXin district built a new complex of buildings to house the government, the People's Congress and the People's political consultant committee.

To accommodate all these offices in the same building complex, there are five small meeting rooms and one big auditorium inside the complex. Each of the smaller meeting rooms has a dedicated Nexia CS, while the big hall employs a Nexia SP used as a loudspeaker processor which is fed by two Biamp autoONE eight channel automatic mixers to provide fluid, accurate gating of microphone channels.

The Nexia SP is ideally suited for the meeting hall, providing four balanced line inputs on plug-in barriers strips, eight balanced outputs on plut-in barrier strips and an Ethernet port for software configuration/control. NexLink ports are also standard for multi-unit systems designs when expansion is necessary. It comes with pre-configured I/O with definable processing and Nexia software for Windows 2000 or XP.

Prior to this installation, Biamp's Nexia had never before been used in China. After its introduction in Frankfurt in April 2004, representatives of Melody Changsha immediately knew it would gain rapid acceptance in the expanding construction boom in China. When the project in TianXin was tendered in May of 2004, Melody included the Nexia as part of its bid on the project. Melody executives credit the Nexia technology and cost effectiveness with helping them win the bid after months of competition.

"With the next generation digital audio platform of Nexia," said Deng Jun of Melody Changsha, "we won the job fairly easy. We are excited to be the first to install this product in China."

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