Broadway Dinner Theater Brings Delicious Entertainment to the Dells

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Aug 18, 2006

Broadway Dinner Theater Brings Delicious Entertainment to the Dells

Wohlfahrt International is opening their newest dinner theater entertainment venue in Lake Delton, Wisconsin and, after careful consideration, has chosen Professional Audio Designs, Inc. of Wauwatosa, Wisconsin to install the theater's new AV system. Drawing on their 21 years of experience as both a consulting and contracting agency, Professional Audio Designs has worked with the theater architects to design an audio network that perfectly compliments the theater's unique architecture and layout, and ensures that every production is visually and sonically stunning.

Providing live music and reviews, the Broadway Dinner Theater seats up to 562 patrons and can support the production of a variety of different types of shows. While a dinner theater may not be usually thought of as an ideal venue for acoustics, Professional Audio Designs chose only the most state-of-the-art components when building the Broadway Dinner Theater audio network. The result is a theater where diners find themselves completely immersed in the experience without realizing the extensive amount of AV technology being employed.

"When a theater is named after Broadway, theater-goers expect a Broadway-like experience, regardless of where they might be," said Kim Leonard, V.P., Professional Audio Designs, Inc. "This audio system came together so nicely. We chose only products that we know and consistently rely on for this job, so we knew when the first curtain went up, people were going to be very impressed with the sound and video in this theater. We also used EASE to confirm our initial thoughts on the audio system design and to verify that each and every seat had the proper audio coverage and the proper viewing angle to the screens. It is a joy to experience The Broadway Dinner Theater."

Professional Audio Designs installed two Biamp AudiaFLEX units in the theater rack room to ensure that all of the different inputs being employed in the Broadway Dinner Theater are processed and routed correctly. The AudiaFLEX chasses are responsible for receiving inputs from a Shure microphone system with 20 wireless mics; Tascam CD player inputs, via a 40-channel Midas Verona FOH soundboard; and KlarkTechnik outboard gear. In total, the two AudiaFLEX units receive 16 inputs and route digital audio to 20 outputs.

Having only a very small orchestra pit to work with, Professional Audio Designs also developed a unique solution for supporting the theater's live band. Using eight channel tracks pre-recorded in Pro Tools, the theater is able to supplement the live band's performance with the pre-recorded tracks. This helps give the orchestra a full sound with string and orchestral parts, and some percussion, despite having a very limited amount of space to work with.

While the theater has a very steep rake, the design of the theater lends itself nicely to developing an AV system with even acoustic coverage. To achieve this coverage, Professional Audio Designs chose EAW speakers in a few different configurations: four rows of five JF80s for delay to cover the rear of the theater; a center cluster of three KF650s; two MK5396 speakers for side and front fills; and special cavities poured in the stage front to house two SB1000 sub woofers.

In addition, the entire theater features a complete audio support system for backstage areas that include the restrooms, dressing rooms, offices, rehearsal space and kitchen. This system also includes a 70v paging and monitoring system so that actors and employees backstage can be in synch with the action on stage.

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